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Dec 18, 2012 - 1-50, Everyday Prayers    1 Comment

Wonder Prayer

Ever take some time to just wonder at the amazing God we pray to?   While Christmas is a good time to consider, ponder, and be in awe of all that God did for us through Jesus, often we become jaded to the wonder of Christ and His incarnation in the midst of shopping, parties and presents.

Sometimes seeing things in a new light helps change perspective.  Take the fractal for instance.   Here’s one explanation:

“Relative to science, fractals are essentially geometric shapes or forms that are represented in natural objects, from a fern leaf or tree, to a spider web or snowflake, to larger phenomena such as clouds, hurricanes, or even galaxies in space.  The discovery of fractals allowed for defining irregular shapes which could not be defined, or represented before by mathematics.  One could define (or model mathematically) a square, rectangle, triangle etc, but one could not define or model the irregular shape of a cloud formation, or tree outline, or coastline.

One very common shape or form, found in both fractals & throughout nature, is the spiral.  This is one of the most common forms represented in the fractals one sees frequently on the internet, and this mathematical shape is pervasive throughout nature as well.  Is there a connection between the mathematics and science and creation?  Fractals have been called the “Thumbprint of God”, and perhaps they are!”  (

Take a look at these Read more »

Sanctuary Prayer

In the Old Testament, God came to “dwell” with the Israelites through the sanctuary in the wilderness.  A picture of how God wanted to relate to them, the tabernacle contained three main sections: the Outer Court, Holy Place and Most Holy Place.  Each contained objects which were used to help them interact with God.  See diagram below:

When using the sanctuary as a model of prayer, we begin with “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise…”  Psalm 100:4.  Begin with adoration, praising who He is and what He has done for you.

The first object an Israel would see upon entering the courtyard was the Read more »

Desperate Prayers

I’m grateful we can come to God in our most desperate times and He is there.  We can cry out to Him from places of pain and need and He doesn’t turn away.  I love that in the Psalms, David and others were able to express the depths of their feeling without fear of being judged, condemned or dismissed.  Though He holds galaxies in His hands, God is still interested in the smallest details of my life, including my emotions.  I don’t have to craft the perfect prayer to please Him.  I can pour out my heart to God, unedited and He loves my honesty.

Consider the desperate Read more »

Apostolic Prayers

Want to lead a life like the apostles, full of power and authority?  How about praying like they did?  I’m thankful that we have a record of some of their prayers.  You will notice they aren’t praying for bigger houses or cars, but for the advancing of God’s kingdom through believers.  I know I want my prayers to more fully reflect these Biblical prayers.  You can use them as models, paraphrasing them to fit your personality and flow.  Start by slowly reading the Scripture, meditating on it and then pray it in your own words.  Here’s some examples:

“And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment, that you may approve the things that are excellent, that you may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ, being filled with the fruits of righteousness which are by Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.”  Philippians 1:9-11

You can pray it personally:

Jesus, today I ask that You would fill me with Your love so that it overflows to others and that I would grow in knowing who You are.  Read more »

Thanksgiving Prayers

It isn’t hard to name off the usual list of things we are grateful for during Thanksgiving dinner: God, family, friends, etc.    The more difficult work involves living it, day in and day out.

In the inspiring book, “One Thousand gifts”, Ann Voskamp describes how being grateful for the small, daily things and recording them brought transformation to her heart and life.   It is a book I highly recommend, not just to read, but to implement.  I know I should be grateful, but in the Read more »

Personal Prayer

For many intercessors, there can be the unconscious thought that somehow praying for oneself isn’t as “important” or is somehow more “selfish” than praying for others.  However, when we look at the Lord’s Prayer, the model prayer that Jesus gave the disciples, it contains a number of personal requests – daily bread, forgiveness, deliverance, etc.  While honoring our Father, the Holy God, and crying out for His Kingdom to come, we also are to pray for those personal things that we require daily.  Not because He is unaware of them, but because we need to understand our dependence on Him.  In our asking Him for our daily needs, we become mindful again of the insufficiency of ourselves and His greatest pleasure in bestowing His gifts to us.

DAILY BREAD:  We often see our provision coming from our jobs, our spouse or other sources.  However, it really comes from God alone.  He is the one who gives us the ability to gain wealth (Deut 8:18).  It is His hand that gives us our daily bread.  In addition to this, Read more »

Nov 5, 2012 - 1-50, Everyday Prayers    1 Comment

Road Rage Prayers

We recently moved and, from our new home to work, there are three places where two lanes merge into one.  Since getting behind a slow car can mean a lengthier drive, I found myself being more aggressive in driving, trying to get ahead of any cars I might perceive as “slow.”

After a few weeks of this, I began to feel the conviction of the Lord that I wasn’t demonstrating “preferring one another” in my race to get ahead of the other cars.  I did find slowing down a little and showing honor to others, even if I didn’t know them, to be less stressful. It helped to practice that breath prayer “My times are in His hands” (see Stoplight Prayers) when I did get stuck behind a slow car.  Overall, the drive became more enjoyable as I concentrated on resting in God’s timing for my day instead of “getting ahead.”

Not long after this, on a drive home, I noticed a car behind me honk and swerve wildly when another driver pulled out in front of her.  I didn’t think much of it as I Read more »

Prayer Walking

In the beginning there was prayer walking.  At least that is what we can assume from the account in Genesis.  It appears that God often walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day, a time to commune together, to rejoice in creation and to establish dominion over what God had given them.

Prayer walking can be done in many different ways reflecting our God given personality and calling.  For some it might be simply walking through the neighborhood in an attitude of thanksgiving and praise for the wonders of God’s creation and redemption.   Others might be more Read more »

Oct 22, 2012 - 1-50, Everyday Prayers    1 Comment

Bumper Sticker Prayers

I used to drive as far back as possible from cars who had “yucky” bumper stickers.  However, I now see it as an opportunity to pray for them in specific ways.

From new age to sex symbols or even political slogans, bumper stickers say a lot about where people are in their life and their personal beliefs.

Now when I see a new age bumper sticker, I can ask God to encounter their life and remove deception, that they would have a power encounter with the true and living God.

Particularly in this political season, when I see Read more »

Policeman Prayers

No, this blog is not about how to pray your way out of a ticket!  Rather how to bless those who serve us in this capacity.

A police officer from our church was recently in a serious motorcycle accident that could have cost his life and yet he was miraculously spared and only spent one day in the hospital.  I believe it was due to prayer.

We often view police from a fearful perspective.  When we see them, we immediately look at the speedometer and hope we are within the limits or check to see if there is something else we are doing wrong.  They can be looked at as just waiting for us to break the law in some way so they can ticket us.  Yet their motto is to serve and protect.  They need our Read more »