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One Church One Day


One Church One day is a strategic effort to unite churches and ministries in a region in by prayer.  Each church takes a day of the month to pray, watch and report what they sense God is speaking.  This is reported back to a central group who then disseminate the information so there is regional connection and vision to advance God’s kingdom.

This strategy provides 24/7 prayer over a region, unites the body together as we pray, as well as a venue for gathering vital information and communicating it.  A region in Washington state are currently doing this and are seeing God move in amazing ways through prayer, unity and communication.  If you’d like more information on this model, please click here.

Prayer Journeys


Sometimes God calls an intercessor to go “on location” to pray.  It may be an extended prayer walk or driving/flying to another location with the purpose of praying on site.  Sometimes God gives specific direction on how and what to pray up front.  Other times, its a process of hearing Him along the way.

I’ve had the privilege of being on a couple of prayer journeys with others.  Once through several states, praying as we drove, getting insights along the way, enjoying the adventure with God.  Sometimes there was the excitement and joy of the journey. Other times, an intensity or even heaviness that we had to battle through.

Don’t take a prayer journey lightly.  Know if you are called to go.  Prepare ahead of time possibly with a season of fasting.  Don’t go alone, unless directed by the Lord to do so.  Know your authority and what you are called or not called to do and stay within those boundaries.  Haphazardly declaring things or engaging in high levels of spiritual warfare is foolhardy and can be dangerous.  Be sent out by the covering you are under.

I’ve been asked to go on a prayer journey to Israel this Spring.  Miraculously, my way has been provided for.  I’m seeking the Lord and His direction, along with the team, how we will move forward.

You may not be commissioned to cross the ocean on a prayer journey, but ask the Lord what your prayer assignment is.  Maybe to drive to a “high place” in your city and pray blessings.  He’s got a “prayer journey” for you!


Treasure Hunt Prayers



Are you brave?  Looking for an adventure?  Try treasure hunt prayers.

1.  You are on an adventure to find people to pray for (His treasure)

2.  Spend some quiet time asking Him to give you a picture of a certain item, thing, or circumstance as your “clue”.  Write them down on a piece of paper or your journal.

3.  Go to a public place as God leads you, looking for those items.  It might be a person wearing a green shirt, a guy with a Giants cap on, a woman with a Coach purse or whatever (you get the picture).

4.  When you identify your “treasure”, as God how to approach them and to give you favor.  Try not to be too weird or scary, but let God lead in what you say and then off to pray for them.  People are used to things like scavenger hunts.  Be natural and Spirit-led.

5. Pray out loud for them if possible.  If not, be encouraging and pray quietly.

This is a great activity to do as a group of 2-3 or a larger group that goes by twos and then comes back to share the “treasure” stories.

Are you shy?  Is this too far out of your comfort zone?  You can still do it, but don’t approach the person.  Stand off to one side and ask God to show you how to pray for them.  you might not have a great story to tell or know the results until Heaven, but you are still partnering with God in an adventure, praying for His “treasure”.

Go on an adventure today!


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“Miss-dialed” Prayers


Have those times you get a call, but no one is there?  You can hear noise in the background and realize the person’s phone accidentally dialed you.

Nothing is an “accident” in the kingdom!  Instead of being frustrated for the interruption, offer up a prayer for that person.  It just might be God’s way of looking for someone to pray.  Someone who will partner with Him in that moment to bless someone else.

Next time you get that call, pray!

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Praying for Pets


I’m an animal lover and grateful to God for giving us pets to love and enjoy.  For many of us, they become like “family.”  A stress reliever, a friendly greeting, purring or barking and unconditional affection.

When I was a teenager and going through a particularly rough time of my life, God sent a cat to remind me of His love.  I was out for a walk when a very friendly cat came right up to me.  I picked him up and he immediately put his arms around my neck like he was hugging me, purring all the while.  In that moment, I felt God’s presence in a tangible way and a comfort to my heart that is hard to explain.

I’m glad that the animals are meaningful to God as well.  He made them for us to care for and for our enjoyment.  When they are sick or lost and our hearts are distressed, He understands and wants to hear and answer our prayers for them (although it might not always be in the way we expect or hope for).

If you have pets, thank God for them.  When they are distressed or even acting out, ask Him for help and guidance.  It might seem like a little thing, but if it matters to you, it matters to Him.

Christmas Card Prayers, Part Two


Most of you have probably finished sending out your Christmas cards, but I have a few left to mail.  Instead of thinking about the hassle or stress of getting them out, relax and take a moment to thank the Lord for the friendships in your life and offer up a prayer for them.  We were created for relationship.  We are the body of Christ.

Too often we get so caught up in the busyness surrounding Christmas that we miss the true Spirit of it – Love, giving, blessing, and enjoying fellowship.  Don’t let “the Grinch” steal your joy or your gift of prayer in this season.

If you’ve procrastinated like me and have a few more cards to write, don’t stress about it!  Say a prayer.  Give thanks.  Share your love!

Christmas Card Prayers


It’s that time of year when Christmas cards start arriving in the mail.  I love to read any updates that’s shared in newsletters or hand-written on the card.  This is a great time to lift that person and their family up in prayer!  Thank God for the blessing they are in your life.

I’ve heard of some people who keep all the cards in a basket and then after Christmas instead of throwing them away, they go through them one a day and pray for their friends!  When they get to the end, they start again.  This is a great way of remembering the special gift of friendship in our lives and to pray for them throughout the year!

Instead of tossing those cards after Christmas, consider using them as prompts to pray for your friends and family!



This is a type of prayer most of us probably aren’t excited about, yet is very important.  Travail is a word used to describe the labor of giving birth.  The Hebrew meaning is to bring forth or to bear.  It can also mean distress.  This often included weeping, wailing, crying, and other loud expressions of trouble.

Paul uses this term in Galatians 4:19 where he says, “My little children, for whom I travail in birth again until Christ is formed in you.”  Here he expresses not only the affection he holds for these ones, but also the anguish he went through in prayer to see them come into the fullness of what God had for them.

Childbirth isn’t a quiet and clean affair.  It’s messy, noisy, and painful, but ultimately the result is well worth every effort.  In the same way, travailing in prayer is not for the faint of heart.

Travailing isn’t usually something we choose, but comes upon us, sometimes at inconvenient times (just like childbirth!)  There’s a sudden urge to cry out to God, weeping or groaning.  Hannah’s crying out to the Lord looked to Eli like she was in a drunken state, yet it brought forth the promise of a son.

Most people don’t understand travail and it frankly freaks them out.  Just like childbirth is mostly a private affair, if you feel the urge to enter into travail while in a public setting, it might be best to find a more secluded place to express your cries and groans to God.

One mistake some intercessors make is to carry the burden of travail beyond what God is asking them to.  They can get burned out, overwhelmed or depressed.  Travail is meant to end with joy – “A woman when she is in travail has sorrow; because her hour has come; but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembers no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.”  John 16:21  We may travail in a season, but God intends for you to walk in the joy of the Lord and trust Him to fully birth what is on His heart.

Don’t squelch that deep cry in your heart for God.  Get alone with Him and pour out your heart.  He is birthing something!

International Day of Prayer for the Poor and Suffering – December 12, 2014


Did you eat today?  Drink clean water?  Sleep in warmth last night?  Be thankful!  Over 1 billion people don’t have access to clean water or struggle with basic necessities we often take for granted.  We can give money, but it alone won’t solve the problems faced by so many.  Often corrupt government officials prevent resources from reaching the people who need it most.

December 12th is a day to remember, reflect and pray for the poor and suffering.  Here’s a list of prayer points from Convoy of Hope to prayer through or you can join The International House of Prayer in Kansas City from 10am-4pm, worshipping, praying and interceding.  Maybe consider a fast as you experience what some feel on a daily basis.

Let’s pray that…

  • Christians to be more aware of the needs in our world – especially in the 10/40 Window – and of the Lord’s heart for those in poverty. (The Bible, Psalm 140:12)
  • Christian humanitarian agencies to reach those who are suffering with aid and the Gospel. Pray for corrupt officials to be exposed and removed. (The Bible, Psalm 9:16)
  • the Lord to provide hope, encouragement, and physical provisions to those who are impoverished.(The Bible, Job 5:16)
  • the impoverished to receive salvation, justice, clean water, shelter, food, medicine, education, and job opportunities. (The Bible, Psalm 72:4)
  • the poor to be used by God to usher His Kingdom into their nations. (The Bible, Matthew 6:10)
  • the Gospel to be preached to the poor and for their suffering to be relieved. (The Bible, Isaiah 61:1)

Join thousands of Christians on December 12 (and every day!) in interceding for those in need!

Courtroom Prayers


No, not talking about how to pray when you appear in traffic court.  In Scripture there are different metaphors for prayer, conversations with our friend, our Abba, our beloved, intercession as warfare, etc.  But we also see it as a courtroom.

God is the judge who decides in favor of the saints (Daniel 7:22-28).  Jesus is our Advocate (1 John 2:1).  We are seated with Him in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6).

Too often when we pray, we pray from the perspective of the earthly realm.  Our prayers are often limited by what we see in the natural.  When we understand the truth that we are seated with Jesus in heavenly places and that the Father loves to legislate against the enemy on our behalf, it makes a difference in how we pray.

The enemy is a legalist and he regularly will bring his case against you in the court of heaven.  He wants to do everything he can stop you from walking in the full destiny God created you to walk in.  The good news is that God is on our side and Jesus pleads His blood on our behalf.  We can pray in confidence from this position in heavenly places.

If you are interested in learning more on courtroom praying, watch this video by clicking here or get a copy of Robert Henderson’s book called “Operating in the Courts of Heaven: Granting God the legal right to fulfill his passion and answer our prayers”