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Seek God for the City


Seek God for the City is a 40 day prayer guide starting March 5 to Palm Sunday, April 13 exploring ways to pray for the city you live in as well as people groups and nations including Scripture and prayer walking tips.  This powerful tool is produced by Waymakers: Preparing God’s Way by Prayer and is available as an app or you can order the 64 page booklet at  This is a great way to pray individually or as a group or church.

Here is a sample page from Day 31:

Seeking God…to raise up champions of peace by His Spirit

“The Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and strength, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.” Isaiah 11:2

Our best efforts to make peace are as lasting as sand castles against the tide.  Put Your Spirit of peacemaking power upon all of Your people – the same Spirit that Read more »

Standing in the GAP


I’m excited about a project in our region called GAP – Gospel Advancing Prayer.  My friend, Jeff Krieser, who is leading this describes it this way:

“Gospel Advancing Prayer (GAP) is simply an initiative to regularly and strategically pray for the community in the way Jesus taught us – “thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.  We pray for the Church that includes all of the many life giving congregations.  We also pray for all of the domains of authority in the city – Business, Government, Media & Technology, Arts & Entertainment, Education and Social/Non-Profit.   We gather the insights Read more »

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Look A Like Prayers


Ever see someone at a glance and think it’s someone you know, but when you look closer realize it isn’t?  A friend told me how she saw someone on a motorcycle that looked just like her brother at a glimpse.  When she looked again, she saw that it wasn’t.  However, she felt prompted to pray for her brother.  Not long after, her brother was in a very serious motorcycle accident and nearly lost his life.  She felt that prompting to pray may have made the difference.

Next time you see a “look a like”, consider it a prompting to pray for that person.  You may never know the impact here on earth, but will assuredly get “the rest of the story” in Heaven!

Enjoyable Prayer



“The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.”  Westminster Shorter Catechism

How often we talk of glorifying God, but have little understanding of the last phrase “to enjoy Him forever.”  Prayer is the catalyst to knowing and enjoying God.   It is not meant to be a dull duty or boring obligation, but the adventure of exploring a relationship with the infinite God.

Angels aren’t waiting to file our list of requests in a prayer processing plant in Heaven.  Rather, One who loves us immeasurably, is leaning in close to Read more »

Prayers of Martin Luther King, Jr


As we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr today, I was made aware of a book of compiled prayers from him titled, “Thou, Dear God; Prayers that Open Hearts and Spirits”.  As I read some of the prayers, I was moved by the beauty, simplicity and heart cry for racial harmony.  God created us each uniquely and ordained the splendid array of nationalities for His glory.  Let’s join in the spirit of Jesus’ pray that we would be one as He and the Father are one (John 17:21)

Enjoy this excerpt below from a radio broadcast in 1953:

“Most gracious and all wise God before whose face the generations rise and fall; Thou in whom we live and move and have our being.  We thank Thee all of Thy good and gracious gifts, for life and for health, for food and for raiment; for the beauties of nature and for the love of human nature.  We come before Thee painfully Read more »

Prayer Alarms, Part Two



There are at least two places where Jesus gave us specific ways to pray – The Lord’s Prayer and the prayer for laborers for harvest (Luke 10:2 or Matthew 9:38)  My friend and a group of others have made a commitment to pray for more laborers for the harvest and use a pray alarm set to remind them to pray.  You could either use 9:38 or 10:02, morning or evening or both.

What has God laid on your heart to pray for this year?  Is there a specific verse that goes with it or do you have a particular “life” verse? Consider using a prayer alarm to remind you to pray into what God is speaking to you or how He wants you to pray!


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Prayer Alarms, Part One



Recently, talking with some friends about when we get up in the morning, one mentioned the latest he’d get up would be 6:23am.  It seemed an odd time to set an alarm!  He went on to explain that his wife’s birthday is June 23 and so he’s set his alarm for 6:23 on his phone as a reminder to pray for her.  He also has alarms set for each of his children according to their birthdays.

What a wonderful way to pray for those closest to us!  A daily reminder to lift them up, even just for a moment.  What “prayer alarms” is God prompting you to add on your phone today?

Prayers for the New Year

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, consider writing a prayer of dedication to the Lord.  In your own words, ask Him to help you surrender all that is old and receive His fresh vision for you in the coming year.  It’s only by His strength that you can do what He is calling you to this season.  Here’s a sample prayer to consider:

New Year’s Prayer

Lord, this year I want to change,
and I’ve said that in the past.
but now my prayer is different
’cause I understand at last.

I wanted my own way before,
I ignored your loving plans.
But now I’m putting everything
into your nail-scarred hands.

I promise to obey you
out of gratitude and love.
I won’t be Read more »

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Christmas Meditation “It wasn’t the last time…”


This is a beautiful Christmas meditation written by my friend, Amy Malekos.  It moved me deeply and pray it will you as well.  Merry Christmas!

The story of Christ intercepted the story of earth when God tore open the fabric of time and inserted his son, dressed in human skin, to carry out the plan of salvation. But it wasn’t the last time that something in the life of Jesus was torn. Later, that same human skin was torn from his back as a cat of nine tails was lashed against him,  his life was torn from his body as he declared that “it is finished”. The curtain in the temple was torn from top to bottom, and the victory was torn from the grasping hands of Satan himself.

The story of Christ intercepted the story of earth when Mary and Joseph searched for room…for space…from inn to inn, searching for a place to rest for the night, the labor pains beginning, ripe with child, ready to Read more »

Christmas Giving Prayers


Christmas is thought of as the happiest time of year, but for many it isn’t.  There are various reasons, one of which is little or no money to buy gifts.  It’s hard when you want to give, but can’t.  You hear others talking about the presents they are purchasing for family and friends and it can be depressing.  Dreading those questions we throw around at Christmas parties: “Got all your shopping done?” or “Ready for Christmas?”

If that is you, consider what you DO have to give!  Make a list of those you’d like to give gifts to this year but can’t.  One by one, ask God what they most need this year that you could pray for.  Jot it down beside their name.  It might be a Read more »