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Courts of Heaven Prayers

A year or so ago, I was introduced to Robert Henderson’s teachings on the courts of Heaven and it had a profound impact in my prayer life.  For many years, there’s been a lot of emphasis in the church on spiritual warfare techniques that have been very powerful.  Yet, many feel not so victorious and often weary in the battle.  Coming to understand the court system of Heaven has led to praying differently.

Throughout Scripture are references to the legal system in heaven (Isaiah 33:22, Daniel 7:9, 10, 22; Luke 18:1-8, Hebrews 7:25) but we often miss them and the context for our lives today.  The protocol for a courtroom is different than that of the battlefield.  Learning to come to the courts of heaven first to receive the legal ground for the battle, means we have more victory – fighting smarter, not harder.

Praying in the courts of Heaven is simply coming to our Father as the Judge and honoring Him through praise and worship.  Then we present our appeal for help and ask Him to show us any area where the enemy  has legal rights that are blocking our prayer (see Daniel’s example in Daniel 9).  This may include generational issues, or our own person sin or the “witness” or our own mouths.  When we speak negatively, we give the enemy legal ground to block God’s will in our lives.  Whatever God shows us, we can then repent and receive the cleansing from Jesus’ blood.  Then we listen to hear God’s decrees for our victory and agree and declare with Him.  Next week I will share how to the Lord’s Prayer follows this model.

If you live in the Sacramento region, we will be having a conference this week on this very topic with Robert Henderson.  Go to  for more information!  Look forward to seeing you then!

Trauma Prayer

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All of us have experienced some sort of trauma throughout our lives.  Times of difficulty are precisely when the enemy wants to get a foothold in our lives through the pain.  The good news is that Jesus is in the business of restoration!

Recently, I was sent an email with a link to the Trauma Prayer by Jim Banks and found it a powerful tool as well as very soothing.  In fact, one time I listened to it, I fell asleep!  I knew then it wasn’t so much about my mind hearing it, but my spirit being able to absorb it, while my body rested.  It’s something that you can listen to more than once as each time God is bringing a deeper level of healing to the areas of your life impacted by pain. I believe it can bring breakthrough for those suffering the effects of any kind of trauma.

You can find more information about this powerful prayer by clicking here:  They also have a prayer for soldiers with PTSD.

Do you know someone struggling with trauma?  Share this post with them!

Prayer Before Ministry

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Heading into a prayer session for someone?  Here’s a great prayer to pray beforehand to prepare from Christian Healing Ministries:

In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the cross and His blood, we bind up the powers of earth, air water, fire, the netherworld and the satanic forces of nature.

We break any curses, hexes or spells sent against us and declare them null and voice.  We break the assignments of any spirits sent against us and send them to Jesus to deal with them as He will.  Lord, we ask You to bless our enemies by sending Your Holy Spirit to lead them to repentance and conversion.

Furthermore, we bind all interaction and communication in the world of evil spirits as it affects us and our ministry.

We ask for the protection of the shed blood of Jesus Christ over___________________.

Thank, Lord, for Your protection and sending Your angels to help us in the battle.  We ask You to guide us in our prayers: share with us Your Spirit’s power and compassion.  Amen.  

Psalm 91 Prayer

under his wings

I highly recommend the book Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth.  It contains powerful, miraculous stories about praying Psalm 91 over your life and over those you love.  From everyday protection to on the battlefield miracles, God IS our refuge!

A friend of mine took Psalm 91 and personalized a prayer and I’ve included it here for you.  Take some time today to declare this over yourself or those you love.  Comment with any testimonies!

I dwell in the shelter of the Most High and I am abiding in the shadow of Almighty God!  You are my refuge and fortress, the One in whom I trust. I declare out loud, “You are my Lord, my refuge, my fortress and my God in whom I trust. From everlasting to everlasting, You are my God, El Shaddai!

Thank Father, it is You who frees and keeps me from the traps of the enemy.  You Papa cover me with Your feathers.  Just like a mother bird covers her chicks, you cover me and under Your wings I seek refuge.  Your faithfulness is a shield and a tower around me.

Father, thank You that I will not fear any turbulent changes, uncertainties or things of this world that I may see.  Evil may be going on around me, but nothing will touch me, either physically or spiritually.  For You say, “One thousand will fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand.” For You, Father, are my refuge and dwelling place.  No evil will come near me or calamity against me or my family.  I pray the blood of Jesus over every member of my family.

Thank You Father for You give angels charge and command over me to guard me in all my ways.  Thank You that Your angels lift me up in their hands.

I love You and know You intimately by name, You keep me safe and set me securely on high.  Thank you that when I call on You, You always answer me; for You Father are with me always!  Amen. 



Write a Psalm – Part Two

Reading the Psalms recently I noticed a different kind of Psalm – where they rehearsed God’s history with them as a nation, His faithfulness, correction and lovingkindness.  Sometimes this history was interspersed with phrases like “His love endures forever.” (Psalm 136)

Think about your own history in God.  Take a few moments and make a time line of events in your life.  Pencil in God’s intervention, how you saw Him at work or the ways He’s demonstrated His love to you personally.  Now write it out as a Psalm of remembrance of His goodness to you.  Consider adding a phrase about His faithfulness or love to you after each sentence.  When you finish, read it out loud.  There’s something powerful about proclaiming our history in God and His praise.  You might even share it with a friend.  Pass on the encouragement!

What are you waiting for?  Write a psalm of your history in God today!

Write a Psalm

Relax on a cloud

I love reading the Psalms because they express real, raw emotion.  Sometimes it’s a high point of praise.  Other times sharing with God frustration.  While we want to avoid grumbling and complaining, we can be real with God in what we think and feel.  The key is to always turn it back to praise, releasing our emotions to him.

Take a few minutes and write your own psalm.  How do you feel in this moment?  What challenges are you facing?  Are you battling fear, discouragement or pain?  What joys are you experiencing?  Are you overflowing with love?  Be real with God.  Share your thoughts and feelings.

If you are struggling with something, release it to Him and end your psalm with praise.  Too often we feel the “right” thing to do as Christians is to suppress negative emotion, maybe even try to hide it from others and God.  But usually that only strengthens it.  Instead, when we are honest with ourselves and God and then simply give it to Him, He often does a “divine exchange” taking away our pain and filling us with His joy.

Share your heart with Him today!

Praying For Our Leaders


abstract - world connect

I ran into this story on Facebook and thought it appropriate to share.  More than any other time, we must prayer for leaders, not criticize or complain! Note the simple prayer Derek Prince was impressed to pray and the answer!  God wants to answer our prayers, too!

During WW II the British army in North Africa was being beaten, badly. The result was a 700 mile retreat from a place in Tripoli to El Alamein, about fifty miles west of Cairo. Here the British forces dug in for one final stand.

In the desert, Derek said: “I had no church or minister to offer me fellowship or counsel. I was obliged to depend upon the Bible and the Holy Spirit. I early came to see that, by New Testament standards, fasting was a normal part of Christian discipline. I set aside every Wednesday for FASTING AND PRAYER.

“During the long and demoralizing retreat God laid on my heart a burden of prayer, both for the British forces in the desert and for the whole situation in the Middle East.

“After a while, it seemed that the Holy Spirit gave me this prayer: ‘Lord, give us leaders such that it will be for Your glory to give us victory through them.’

“I continued praying this prayer EVERY DAY.

“In due course, the British government decided to relieve the commander of their forces in the desert and to replace him with another man. The man whom they chose was a general named W.H.E. Strafer Gott.

“He was flown to Cairo to take over command, but he was killed when his plane was shot down.

“At this critical juncture the British forces in this major theater of the war were left without a commander.

“Winston Churchill, appointed a more-or-less unknown officer, named B. L. Montgomery, who was hastily flown out from Britain.

“Montgomery was the son of an evangelical Anglican bishop. He was a man who very definitely fulfilled God’s two requirements in a leader of men. He was just and God-fearing. He was also a man of tremendous discipline.

“Within two months, he had instilled a totally new sense of discipline into his officers and had thus restored the confidence of the men in their leaders.

“Then the main battle of El Alamein was fought. It was the first major allied victory in the entire war up to that time. The threat was finally thrown back, and the course of the war changed in favor of the Allies.

“Without a doubt, the battle of El Alamein was the turning point of the war in North Africa.

“Two or three days after the battle, I found myself in the desert a few miles behind the advancing Allied forces. A small portable radio beside me was relaying a news description of the scene at Montgomery’s headquarters as he had witnessed it on the eve of the battle.

“He revealed how Montgomery publicly called his officers and men to PRAYER, saying, ‘Let us ask the Lord, mighty in battle, to give us the victory.’ As these words came through that portable radio, God spoke very clearly to my spirit, ‘THAT IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYER.’

“I believe that the prayer which God gave me could well be applied to other situations, both military and political:
‘Lord, give us leaders such that it will be for Your glory to give us victory through them.'”

Would you join me in this prayer today!

Prayers for Fatherlessness

Sporty Family

The statistics are staggering!  36.1 million youth come from a fatherless home.  These same homes account for:

63% of teen suicides

71% of school drop outs and teenage pregnancies

90% of homelessness and runaway youth – which often leads to sex trafficking

Fatherlessness lies at the root of most of the challenges, crime, poverty and other issues faced in our nation.  Just dealing with symptoms won’t solve the core problem.  We need to pray!

Here’s some prayers to consider praying:

  1. Humble ourselves and pray – 2 Chronicles 7:14
  2. Pray for men to connect with their Heavenly Father – “Our Father who art in Heaven…” Matt 6:9
  3. Pray for men to receive the “adoption of sons” – Galatians 4:5
  4. Pray for a turning of the hearts of fathers to the children and children to their fathers – Malachi 4:6
  5. Pray for restoration of the family unit – Joshua 24:15
  6. Pray for role models, mentors and father-figures to step up to influence and inspire fatherless youth – 1 Timothy 1:2
  7. Pray for breakthrough in racial, economic, and social barriers – Ephesians 2:14

If you are in the Sacramento region, consider joining us for a night of testimonies, powerful messages and prayer on this topic: Waking up to Fatherlessness.  Click here to register.

Prayer of Agreement

Group of people holding hands in circle, low angle view

I love how simple Jesus puts things in Scripture! Matthew 18:19 reads “Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in Heaven.”

What an extravagant promise!  Do you believe it?  Sometimes we put conditions on it to explain why we don’t see the movement we desire.  But Jesus didn’t.

Interestingly, the word “agree” in Greek means to agree together in a bargain.  It also has the connotation of two musical instruments that are sounding in harmony.  I love that!  Jesus delights in the symphony of our prayers coming to Him in unity!

How little we understand the power of being “one” in agreement!  Genesis 11:6 “The Lord said, ‘Indeed the people are one and they all have one language….now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.”  This verse has always amazed me!  Nothing impossible to them because they were in agreement!  If only the church was truly united, what could happen?

Too often, unbelief in the simple Word of God clouds our ability to “sound” in harmony.  We might say the words, but our hearts doubt if it could really happen, giving off a sour, discordant note.

Let’s believe God.  What’s the desire of your heart?  Find someone to agree with you in faith.  Nothing is impossible with God.  Let the beautiful sound of your agreement arise to Heaven today!

Prayer Declarations for Health


Here’s another prayer from the book “Seven Secrets to power Praying” by Jane Glenchur!  This one focuses on praying for healing and health.  Great one to include for yourself or others.

“In the name of Jesus, I bind all spirits of infirmity and affliction and command them to leave my body immediately and not to return or to send others in their places.

My body is the temple of Holy Spirit.  It is off limits to any illness or infirmity.

I am one with Christ in body, mind and spirit, and sickness has no dominion over me.  It must leave.

I command all lying signs and symptoms to leave my body and not return, in Jesus’ name.

Lord, send the river of life into our home, wherever the river flows it brings healing and restoration.

My family is prospering and in good health, just as our souls prosper.”

Are you dealing with a health challenge!  This prayer is for you!