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Physical Expressions of Prayer, Part 8


Art as an expression of prayer might be a new concept for many.  I’m no artist, but a few years back, when I had more time, I enjoyed painting the things that God was speaking to my heart.  I’ve found that it can unlock new understanding and expression of my prayers in a unique way.  Sometimes it related to intercession for other people, but often it had to do with things He was doing in me.  The physical expression in art helped to process what God was saying or my cry to Him.

One time, I felt like God was saying He wanted my “yes” to be bigger, wider, higher, etc.  I didn’t know what that looked like (on canvas or in real life), but I bought Read more »

Physical Expressions of Prayer, Part 3


While last week’s blog was my least favorite expression of prayer, today’s is one of my favorites!  Praying in bed!  Growing up I was taught that it was not a good thing to fall asleep in prayer and so praying in bed was not approved of, since you might drift off.  However, I’m grateful for the freedom now to go to sleep praying and to wake up praying.

The Psalmist says “When I remember You on my bed, I meditate on You through the night watches.” (Psalm 63:6)  Or even “Let the saints be joyful, let them sing aloud on the their beds.”  (Psalm 149:5)  God enjoys our worship and our prayers even in bed!

I love to review the day with God and meditate on His goodness to me as I fall asleep.  Sometimes I might use breath prayers (see previous blogs) if I’m needing to relax and stop Read more »

Physical Expressions of Prayer, Part 2

bowing low

One of the most challenging positions of prayer for me is laying face down, prostrate before the Lord.  I don’t find it comfortable or convenient and maybe that is where its power lies.  To prostrate ourselves before God is an act of humility, desperation and worship.

Moses interceded for Israel, 40 days and nights, fasting and crying out to God for them (Deuteronomy 9:18).  Some translations say he “fell down before the Lord” or “Threw himself down before the Lord.”  That is some serious praying!

After the defeat at Ai, Joshua fell down with his face before the ark all day (Joshua 7:6-10), crying out to the Lord for wisdom and strategy.

David spent the night with his face to the floor praying for the life of his child (2 Samuel 12:15)

Faced with unspeakable calamity, Job chose to worship, throwing himself to the ground and crying out, “….the Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.” (Job 1:20)

Prostrating oneself also demonstrates Read more »

The Circle Maker

circle maker

There is an ancient story told of Honi, a Jewish man, who in a time of drought drew a circle in the sand and refused to leave it, praying day and night, until God sent rain.  It represents desperate and persistent type prayers that don’t give up.  I admit I don’t always have that kind of consistency and desperateness to my prayers.  At times, we can give up too soon, figuring that we let God know the need and we just wait around for Him to do something.  Yet it is the partnership that He loves, that we ask and keep asking and knocking until He opens that door, believing in His promises.

I recently finished the book “The Circle Maker” where Pastor Mark Batterson recounts the Honi story and shares his own experiences as a “circle maker.”  I was inspired and encouraged to Read more »

The ACTS Prayer Model

Why use a prayer model?  Though prayer is about relationship, prayer models can be a powerful tool to keep you focused and increase your prayer life.  Too much of the time we know we should prayer, but we spend little time actually doing it.  Using a prayer model such as the FELLOWSHIP prayer model (See previous blogs) or the ACTS model described below can make a huge difference in your life as you consistently pray.  This model was developed by Joseph Company and instead of “reinventing the wheel,” I’ve included their description and sample guide.  There is also a great youtube video available – just type in “acts prayer model” and enjoy a video posted by The Practical Disciple

The ACTS Prayer Model is a tool to help guide you into the Presence of God during your personal devotional time. To use this tool, pray through each section and use the “Launching Pad” Scriptures to lead you to other passages.

Summary of ACTS Prayer Model Read more »

Types of Intercessors, Part 2 – (Watchman Intercessor)


I love God’s creativity and how He made each one of us unique as we reflect who He is.  As we look at the second type of intercessor, the watchman, we appreciate the benefits that they bring to the body of Christ.

The watchman or prophetic intercessor are those who are on the lookout to see what the enemy is doing (strategy for battle) or what God is up to.  They usually have great discernment and are alert to danger.

The weaknesses of this type of intercessor are that they may tend to be “loners” off in the watchtower and may be misunderstood by others.  Watchmen may tend to be more Read more »

Types of Intercessors, Part 1 (Warrior Intercessor)


Just as God created us with different personalities, we also pray in unique ways.  While we don’t want to put people “in a box,” there are patterns that can help us better understand one another.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at four different types of intercessors.  You may be thinking of many more, but these give us a starting point.  Each type has both strengths and weaknesses, which if we recognize, can help us relate better to one another and have more enjoyable prayer meetings.

Warrior Intercessors

When you think of an “intercessor,” the warrior type may come to mind.  You’ve seen them – the fiery prayer warrior who can pray on and on and on.  Praying “the paint off the walls” is Read more »

Two-Way Journaling



I wasn’t a journaler.  Though I enjoy writing, putting down personal thoughts on paper didn’t appeal to me.  That is, until I went through a How to Hear God’s Voice workshop by Mark Virkler.  During the workshop, we were given many opportunities to practice two-way journaling and I became hooked.  I’ve found it a vital part of my prayer life and I love to look back and read past entries that encourage me in my current journey.

God created us for relationship.  Relationships are built on Read more »

Interacting with the Prayer Room

prayer room

I thoroughly enjoy listening/watching to streaming video from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City ( and find great benefit spiritually as I interact with what is happening there.  I’m usually the first one up in the morning and like to listen to it while I get ready and have my breakfast.  While it can be great background music, I’ve found a richer experience when I actually interact with it.

I think some people don’t understand the value of the prayer room because they don’t know how to go beyond observing others worshipping and praying and actually “enter in.”  Sometimes we can become jaded to the same worship songs and sing without thought to what is coming out of our mouths.  Or, if it is a song we don’t know, it can be easy to disengage and our minds to wander.

I find it helps to Read more »

24/7 Prayer



Besides personal prayer in the day and in the night, a number of 24/7 prayer movements and initiatives  have been birthed around the world.  Some involve a specific location, while others focus on spreading out through churches or even individuals.  Each one may do things a little differently, but the heart is the same, to see Jesus exalted in prayer and worship as well as people (and regions) being transformed.

Some of these include:

    International House of Prayer in Kansas City –

     24-7 prayer begun in England in 1999 –

     Operation Rolling Thunder –

If you can, take some time to explore the websites, hear/read testimonies and consider what type of 24/7 appeals to you the most.  Feel free to post your favorites.

Enjoy these creative videos of why 24/7 prayer matters:

In our region, we have been having 24/7 prayer Read more »