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Prayers at Passover


Many Christians don’t understand the significance and blessing of the Passover, but view it as a relic meant just for Jews.  However, Christians celebrated Passover hundreds of years after Christ death and resurrection.  It wasn’t until Constantine began separating Jews and Christians that “Easter” was created and demands that Christians stop entering into Passover.  What a loss for us as Christians!

We are not obligated to celebrate Passover, but just as you don’t have to celebrate your birthday, it sure is fun to do so!  Each symbol of the Passover so speaks of Jesus!  Its a joy to understand new depths of who He is and what He did for us!!!

In looking at the Passover Seder, much prayers and blessings and Psalms are spoken in a fun, family atmosphere.  And don’t forget the food!  There’s such a richness to this holiday and is the basis for the Lord’s Supper or communion.  (If you’ve never been part of a Seder, we are celebrating Passover on March 27, 6-9pm.  Join us by clicking here to register!)

Throughout the Seder there are prayers of blessings, over the matzah, grape juice, etc, but I especially appreciate the blessing of the children.  (see blog on Blessing our Children  for more).  It is the same blessing spoken over them each week on Shabbat.

Many of the Psalms are read, including Psalm 113-118 – what strikes me most about this is one particular verse in Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.”  Jesus said that knowing that day would be the most difficult day of his life, betrayed, tortured, death.  And in the following verses (27) “Bind the sacrifice with cords to the horns of the altar.” And knowing He was that sacrifice!

The Passover ends with a declaration “Next year in Jerusalem!”  For us, we remember Jesus’ words that He would not drink of the fruit of the vine until He drinks it with us new in his Father’s kingdom! (Matthew 26:29).  Our cry is “Next year in the New Jerusalem!”  Even so, come Lord Jesus!



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One Church One Day


One Church One day is a strategic effort to unite churches and ministries in a region in by prayer.  Each church takes a day of the month to pray, watch and report what they sense God is speaking.  This is reported back to a central group who then disseminate the information so there is regional connection and vision to advance God’s kingdom.

This strategy provides 24/7 prayer over a region, unites the body together as we pray, as well as a venue for gathering vital information and communicating it.  A region in Washington state are currently doing this and are seeing God move in amazing ways through prayer, unity and communication.  If you’d like more information on this model, please click here.

Prayer Journeys


Sometimes God calls an intercessor to go “on location” to pray.  It may be an extended prayer walk or driving/flying to another location with the purpose of praying on site.  Sometimes God gives specific direction on how and what to pray up front.  Other times, its a process of hearing Him along the way.

I’ve had the privilege of being on a couple of prayer journeys with others.  Once through several states, praying as we drove, getting insights along the way, enjoying the adventure with God.  Sometimes there was the excitement and joy of the journey. Other times, an intensity or even heaviness that we had to battle through.

Don’t take a prayer journey lightly.  Know if you are called to go.  Prepare ahead of time possibly with a season of fasting.  Don’t go alone, unless directed by the Lord to do so.  Know your authority and what you are called or not called to do and stay within those boundaries.  Haphazardly declaring things or engaging in high levels of spiritual warfare is foolhardy and can be dangerous.  Be sent out by the covering you are under.

I’ve been asked to go on a prayer journey to Israel this Spring.  Miraculously, my way has been provided for.  I’m seeking the Lord and His direction, along with the team, how we will move forward.

You may not be commissioned to cross the ocean on a prayer journey, but ask the Lord what your prayer assignment is.  Maybe to drive to a “high place” in your city and pray blessings.  He’s got a “prayer journey” for you!


International Day of Prayer for the Poor and Suffering – December 12, 2014


Did you eat today?  Drink clean water?  Sleep in warmth last night?  Be thankful!  Over 1 billion people don’t have access to clean water or struggle with basic necessities we often take for granted.  We can give money, but it alone won’t solve the problems faced by so many.  Often corrupt government officials prevent resources from reaching the people who need it most.

December 12th is a day to remember, reflect and pray for the poor and suffering.  Here’s a list of prayer points from Convoy of Hope to prayer through or you can join The International House of Prayer in Kansas City from 10am-4pm, worshipping, praying and interceding.  Maybe consider a fast as you experience what some feel on a daily basis.

Let’s pray that…

  • Christians to be more aware of the needs in our world – especially in the 10/40 Window – and of the Lord’s heart for those in poverty. (The Bible, Psalm 140:12)
  • Christian humanitarian agencies to reach those who are suffering with aid and the Gospel. Pray for corrupt officials to be exposed and removed. (The Bible, Psalm 9:16)
  • the Lord to provide hope, encouragement, and physical provisions to those who are impoverished.(The Bible, Job 5:16)
  • the impoverished to receive salvation, justice, clean water, shelter, food, medicine, education, and job opportunities. (The Bible, Psalm 72:4)
  • the poor to be used by God to usher His Kingdom into their nations. (The Bible, Matthew 6:10)
  • the Gospel to be preached to the poor and for their suffering to be relieved. (The Bible, Isaiah 61:1)

Join thousands of Christians on December 12 (and every day!) in interceding for those in need!

Prayer Retreats


Looking forward to a prayer retreat this afternoon – 24-hours away with Jesus!  We all need times of refreshing in the Lord.  We can get so busy with our schedules, work, family, etc.

Jesus experienced this, too.  He said to His disciples, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.  For there were many coming and going and they did not have time to even eat.”  (Mark 6:31).

Do you sometimes feel that way?  Many comings and goings.  Jesus knew the disciples needed some R & R.  He didn’t create us to run 24/7/365.  There are times when we need to pull aside and spend focused time with Him.

You can go on a prayer retreat alone or with others.  There’s benefits to both.  When alone you have that solitude and freedom to just be with Him.  But when on a prayer retreat with others, you have the added benefit of fellowshipping together, sharing insights and revelations and the enjoyment of “the body.”

How long has it been since you’ve been on a prayer retreat?  Too long?  Ask the Lord to show you how to get some time away to rest!

Periodically we will be hosting local prayer retreats.  If you are interested in participating, comment below and I will add you to a list for future prayer retreats.

Election Day Prayers


How do we pray about the elections?  Here’s a great prayer guide from the National Day of Prayer.  Click here.  We pray and act (vote) and trust God with the results.  Some have become discouraged in praying for elections in the past when they don’t see the results hoped for.  Some give up entirely.  What’s the point?  Every prayer, just as every vote matters!  Trust that God is in charge.

Let’s get praying!

Prayer Opportunity



I’m posting early as I heard of this unique way to include our prayers in an Eagle Scout’s project.  He is building a labyrinth (see blog on Labyrinths if this is new to you) and is asking for people from around the world to add their prayers.  But there’s a deadline, Friday, September 19.  If you get this in time, let’s include our prayers in this project!  Click here for more information and to participate.

If you get this too late, think about what kind of project God might lay on your heart – maybe building your own prayer garden in your backyard, and including ways to add prayers in it.  God will give you some great ideas!  Think of ways you can include your church, small group or region in such a project.  Comment and let me know what you do!

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Rapid Fire Prayer


Rapid fire prayer is similar to “popcorn” prayer but with more organization.  It is typically used in a House of Prayer setting, but can be used at any corporate gathering.  The leader asks those who would like to pray short, 10-20 second prayers to form a line at the front.  The topic is chosen by the leader and clearly communicated.  Then they lead off, demonstrating short, on-topic prayer.  In a house of prayer setting, usually 4-5 people pray and then a chorus is sung.  This pattern continues until all who desire have prayed.

This is a great way to activate many people to pray.  When they don’t feel pressured to pray a long prayer, they are often more willing to participate.  It keeps the energy and focus in the room going as different people pray.

Used to prayer meetings where just a few people pray long prayers while others just observe?  Increase participation by trying this model!

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“Popcorn” Prayers


Remember the fascination of watching Jiffy Pop Popcorn poof up as you held it over the stove?  The delicious smell and taste of freshly popped popcorn?  And what does it have to do with prayer?

“Popcorn” prayers refers to short, spontaneous bursts of prayer in a group setting.  Often there is no theme and each person prays whatever comes to mind or heart.  This works great for those with ADD or who like variety and value spontaneity.  However, particularly for the list intercessor (see blog on types of intercessors), this form of prayer can be very frustrating with little or no order or organization to it.

The benefits include being a fun way to pray in groups without pressure to pray a lengthy prayer and helps to include everyone.  One way to make it more appealing to those who prefer more order is to start with a theme such as praise.  Let those “pops” of praise arise as the warmth of Holy Spirit fills the group!  You can then move on to a theme of requests, repentance or thanksgiving for specific issues.

A key to dynamic corporate prayer is being led by Holy Spirit in creative ways so that your meetings don’t sink down into stale routine.  Don’t be afraid to try new things as you are led, but remember to honor the different types of intercessors so they have a way to connect.

Seek God for the City


Seek God for the City is a 40 day prayer guide starting March 5 to Palm Sunday, April 13 exploring ways to pray for the city you live in as well as people groups and nations including Scripture and prayer walking tips.  This powerful tool is produced by Waymakers: Preparing God’s Way by Prayer and is available as an app or you can order the 64 page booklet at  This is a great way to pray individually or as a group or church.

Here is a sample page from Day 31:

Seeking God…to raise up champions of peace by His Spirit

“The Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and strength, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.” Isaiah 11:2

Our best efforts to make peace are as lasting as sand castles against the tide.  Put Your Spirit of peacemaking power upon all of Your people – the same Spirit that Read more »