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Types of Intercessors and Corporate Prayer

Why does it matter what type of intercessor you are?  It can make a big difference when we come together to pray corporately.  If you are a list intercessor, you’re interested in an organized prayer meeting that is focused and “gets something accomplished.”  A warrior intercessor feels best when finishing a prayer meeting with great passion and zeal.  If a watchman intercessor doesn’t feel heard, he may not come back next time.  If there isn’t worship, the priestly intercessor may leave feeling dry.

One of the reasons I believe our prayer meetings tend to be poorly attended is that we often focus on only one style of intercession.  Many others may want to pray, but when they come they don’t connect, feel heard, or find what fills them up.  If we want increased participation in corporate prayer settings, we need to consider the different types.

While we won’t be able to satisfy every need every time, we can do some things to accommodate more styles of prayer.  If you don’t already, consider adding a time of worship.  Having a focus will encourage list pray-ers who feel chaotic when there’s no direction.  Is there time given for prophetic expression?  Does the service have some passion in it?

People will come to prayer meetings where there is life, where they feel they can connect with God and with others.  Think about the prayer meetings you are a part of.  Ask God what can be done to increase participation and ways to incorporate different styles of prayer.  You just might be surprised at the results!

Types of Intercessors, Part 4 (Priestly Intercessors)

For many years, I didn’t think I was really an intercessor.  Worship is my passion.  I enjoy prayer when not worshipping.  I didn’t fit into the intercessor stereotype of praying long, passionate prayers.  However, I came to understand that just as the high priest would minister to the Lord and carry on his heart intercession for Israel, so the priestly intercessor worships the Lord while carrying intercession on their heart.

It looks much different from the list intercessor who needs to go through the list and pray for each item and finds pleasure in doing so.   The priestly intercessor simply worships God while carrying on their heart intercession.  They may Read more »

Types of Intercessors, Part 2 – (Watchman Intercessor)


I love God’s creativity and how He made each one of us unique as we reflect who He is.  As we look at the second type of intercessor, the watchman, we appreciate the benefits that they bring to the body of Christ.

The watchman or prophetic intercessor are those who are on the lookout to see what the enemy is doing (strategy for battle) or what God is up to.  They usually have great discernment and are alert to danger.

The weaknesses of this type of intercessor are that they may tend to be “loners” off in the watchtower and may be misunderstood by others.  Watchmen may tend to be more Read more »

Two-Way Journaling



I wasn’t a journaler.  Though I enjoy writing, putting down personal thoughts on paper didn’t appeal to me.  That is, until I went through a How to Hear God’s Voice workshop by Mark Virkler.  During the workshop, we were given many opportunities to practice two-way journaling and I became hooked.  I’ve found it a vital part of my prayer life and I love to look back and read past entries that encourage me in my current journey.

God created us for relationship.  Relationships are built on Read more »

Harp and Bowl Prayer


One of the foundations of the house of prayer movement is harp and bowl prayer.  What is this and why do we do it?

The reference is taken from Revelation 5:6-8 “Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing at the center of the throne, encircled by the four living creatures and the elders… the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s people.”

From this Scripture, we understand the incense to be the prayers of the saints and the harp representing worship.  Harp and Bowl prayer is simply the combination of worship and prayer.  I love the flow between the two and it makes prayer much more enjoyable. Adding musical worship to prayer enhances the experience and enforces the prayers with praise, thanksgiving and declarative song.

In the past, the typical prayer meeting consisted of what we like to call Read more »

Interacting with the Prayer Room, Part 2


Every prayer room will be unique in its expression and form, but going beyond simple observation and finding ways to interact will make it a much more meaningful experience.  At the Rock House of Prayer, we have several “live” sets each week as well as hours of streaming video from the prayer room at IHOP ( – see previous blog).

While each live set has a basic structure, it may differ from week to week depending on the prayer leader and what God is doing as we follow the flow of the Spirit.  On Tuesdays, our healing prayer set begins with worship and then intercession led by a prayer leader.  There are opportunities for you to come and pray up front as well as time for receiving healing prayer.  On Wednesday, our revival set focuses on  praying for pastors and leaders in the region, for unity and revival.

The advantage to a “live” prayer room is Read more »

Interacting with the Prayer Room

prayer room

I thoroughly enjoy listening/watching to streaming video from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City ( and find great benefit spiritually as I interact with what is happening there.  I’m usually the first one up in the morning and like to listen to it while I get ready and have my breakfast.  While it can be great background music, I’ve found a richer experience when I actually interact with it.

I think some people don’t understand the value of the prayer room because they don’t know how to go beyond observing others worshipping and praying and actually “enter in.”  Sometimes we can become jaded to the same worship songs and sing without thought to what is coming out of our mouths.  Or, if it is a song we don’t know, it can be easy to disengage and our minds to wander.

I find it helps to Read more »

24/7 Prayer



Besides personal prayer in the day and in the night, a number of 24/7 prayer movements and initiatives  have been birthed around the world.  Some involve a specific location, while others focus on spreading out through churches or even individuals.  Each one may do things a little differently, but the heart is the same, to see Jesus exalted in prayer and worship as well as people (and regions) being transformed.

Some of these include:

    International House of Prayer in Kansas City –

     24-7 prayer begun in England in 1999 –

     Operation Rolling Thunder –

If you can, take some time to explore the websites, hear/read testimonies and consider what type of 24/7 appeals to you the most.  Feel free to post your favorites.

Enjoy these creative videos of why 24/7 prayer matters:

In our region, we have been having 24/7 prayer Read more »

Day and Night Prayer

Many years ago, I would wake up in the night and since I couldn’t sleep, would get up to pray.  This became a habit as I would have my “quiet” time sometime between 1-3pm.  The only problem was that I was drowsy from sleep and often had to pace and use written prayers to keep focused.

After a number of years of this, I asked God persistently to put me back on the “day” shift, reasoning that I would be more awake and could  pray more effectively.  He did answer my request and I stopped waking up in the early hours of the morning.  At first, I was very pleased with this, but soon found Read more »