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Treasure Hunt Prayers



Are you brave?  Looking for an adventure?  Try treasure hunt prayers.

1.  You are on an adventure to find people to pray for (His treasure)

2.  Spend some quiet time asking Him to give you a picture of a certain item, thing, or circumstance as your “clue”.  Write them down on a piece of paper or your journal.

3.  Go to a public place as God leads you, looking for those items.  It might be a person wearing a green shirt, a guy with a Giants cap on, a woman with a Coach purse or whatever (you get the picture).

4.  When you identify your “treasure”, as God how to approach them and to give you favor.  Try not to be too weird or scary, but let God lead in what you say and then off to pray for them.  People are used to things like scavenger hunts.  Be natural and Spirit-led.

5. Pray out loud for them if possible.  If not, be encouraging and pray quietly.

This is a great activity to do as a group of 2-3 or a larger group that goes by twos and then comes back to share the “treasure” stories.

Are you shy?  Is this too far out of your comfort zone?  You can still do it, but don’t approach the person.  Stand off to one side and ask God to show you how to pray for them.  you might not have a great story to tell or know the results until Heaven, but you are still partnering with God in an adventure, praying for His “treasure”.

Go on an adventure today!


Christmas Card Prayers, Part Two


Most of you have probably finished sending out your Christmas cards, but I have a few left to mail.  Instead of thinking about the hassle or stress of getting them out, relax and take a moment to thank the Lord for the friendships in your life and offer up a prayer for them.  We were created for relationship.  We are the body of Christ.

Too often we get so caught up in the busyness surrounding Christmas that we miss the true Spirit of it – Love, giving, blessing, and enjoying fellowship.  Don’t let “the Grinch” steal your joy or your gift of prayer in this season.

If you’ve procrastinated like me and have a few more cards to write, don’t stress about it!  Say a prayer.  Give thanks.  Share your love!

Christmas Card Prayers


It’s that time of year when Christmas cards start arriving in the mail.  I love to read any updates that’s shared in newsletters or hand-written on the card.  This is a great time to lift that person and their family up in prayer!  Thank God for the blessing they are in your life.

I’ve heard of some people who keep all the cards in a basket and then after Christmas instead of throwing them away, they go through them one a day and pray for their friends!  When they get to the end, they start again.  This is a great way of remembering the special gift of friendship in our lives and to pray for them throughout the year!

Instead of tossing those cards after Christmas, consider using them as prompts to pray for your friends and family!



This is a type of prayer most of us probably aren’t excited about, yet is very important.  Travail is a word used to describe the labor of giving birth.  The Hebrew meaning is to bring forth or to bear.  It can also mean distress.  This often included weeping, wailing, crying, and other loud expressions of trouble.

Paul uses this term in Galatians 4:19 where he says, “My little children, for whom I travail in birth again until Christ is formed in you.”  Here he expresses not only the affection he holds for these ones, but also the anguish he went through in prayer to see them come into the fullness of what God had for them.

Childbirth isn’t a quiet and clean affair.  It’s messy, noisy, and painful, but ultimately the result is well worth every effort.  In the same way, travailing in prayer is not for the faint of heart.

Travailing isn’t usually something we choose, but comes upon us, sometimes at inconvenient times (just like childbirth!)  There’s a sudden urge to cry out to God, weeping or groaning.  Hannah’s crying out to the Lord looked to Eli like she was in a drunken state, yet it brought forth the promise of a son.

Most people don’t understand travail and it frankly freaks them out.  Just like childbirth is mostly a private affair, if you feel the urge to enter into travail while in a public setting, it might be best to find a more secluded place to express your cries and groans to God.

One mistake some intercessors make is to carry the burden of travail beyond what God is asking them to.  They can get burned out, overwhelmed or depressed.  Travail is meant to end with joy – “A woman when she is in travail has sorrow; because her hour has come; but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembers no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.”  John 16:21  We may travail in a season, but God intends for you to walk in the joy of the Lord and trust Him to fully birth what is on His heart.

Don’t squelch that deep cry in your heart for God.  Get alone with Him and pour out your heart.  He is birthing something!

Prayer Retreats


Looking forward to a prayer retreat this afternoon – 24-hours away with Jesus!  We all need times of refreshing in the Lord.  We can get so busy with our schedules, work, family, etc.

Jesus experienced this, too.  He said to His disciples, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.  For there were many coming and going and they did not have time to even eat.”  (Mark 6:31).

Do you sometimes feel that way?  Many comings and goings.  Jesus knew the disciples needed some R & R.  He didn’t create us to run 24/7/365.  There are times when we need to pull aside and spend focused time with Him.

You can go on a prayer retreat alone or with others.  There’s benefits to both.  When alone you have that solitude and freedom to just be with Him.  But when on a prayer retreat with others, you have the added benefit of fellowshipping together, sharing insights and revelations and the enjoyment of “the body.”

How long has it been since you’ve been on a prayer retreat?  Too long?  Ask the Lord to show you how to get some time away to rest!

Periodically we will be hosting local prayer retreats.  If you are interested in participating, comment below and I will add you to a list for future prayer retreats.

Election Day Prayers


How do we pray about the elections?  Here’s a great prayer guide from the National Day of Prayer.  Click here.  We pray and act (vote) and trust God with the results.  Some have become discouraged in praying for elections in the past when they don’t see the results hoped for.  Some give up entirely.  What’s the point?  Every prayer, just as every vote matters!  Trust that God is in charge.

Let’s get praying!

Ebola Prayer Points


Watching the news can stress you out!  From sickness, to weather disaster to wars, it can be pretty discouraging, if not fear producing.  God hasn’t called us to walk in that as Christians, but to be proactive in prayer.  How does He want us to respond to the Ebola virus?

A friend of mine, Lena Tawlks, shared the following insights and prayer points for this season:

Intercessors will play a critical role in spiritual warfare using our God given authority over works of the enemy.   I have no doubt that it will be contained in the USA with ongoing vigilance but the slow response has made it much more difficult and costly.  Pray that our government agencies will use wisdom and sound science, especially that they will be truthful about the danger.

Pray that everyone whose passport shows they have been in a country where Ebola is present, will be denied entry to the US.  Our borders here must be protected from illegal entry in order for America to continue to lead in research and provide financial and medical assistance to those already suffering.

Pray for safety and protection for these selfless workers who put their lives on the line just as our Military does.

Fear of illness and death will cause people to seek a higher power for their healing.  Let’s pray that they will turn to Jesus for salvation and healing.  Miracles and healing are catalysts for revival so we must be prepared. I suggest praying that Christians will earnestly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gifts of healing and evangelism.


  • Healing for those already infected and for proper care for them.
  • For medical personnel to receive proper training and equipment so the virus can be contained. It appears that care for just one patient can run into the millions plus the need for tracking and isolating those exposed.
  • Scientific research to discover vaccine and antibiotics to treat.
  • Assurances to prevent fear and panic resulting in disruption of world economy and security.
  • Praise and thankfulness to God for the elimination of many deadly epidemics by the discovery of vaccines, antibiotics and sanitation.

We are blessed in receiving so much from Jesus so let’s pour out prayer and fill those golden bowls at the heavenly altar.


Sending Out Prayers


We were recently at a conference where they sent out people on different mission trips and it reminded me of Acts 13:3 where the Lord directed that Saul (later Paul) and Barnabas were sent out on a mission trip.  “Then, having fasted and prayed, and laid hands on them, they sent them away.”

If you are headed out on a mission trip or an assignment from the Lord, make sure those you are in relationship to send you out with pray and a blessing!  Add some fasting as well if you are led!  God has great things for you and wants you to be connected to the body and sent out.

Many of you may think, “Well, that doesn’t apply to me.  I’m not going anywhere.”  Yet, each one of us are on assignment from the Lord.  We have family who each day go out into the “world”.  Next time your spouse or kids are leaving home to work, school or other things, send them out!  Bless them.  Encourage them that they have a mission field right where they are.  Who’s around you that you can bless?  Where’s your mission field today?

Prayer Garden


I’m writing this from Texas where I’m enjoying a beautiful prayer garden.  It is based off of the twelve tribes of Israel and includes plaques describing the tribes, Scriptural references and significance of each.  My favorite is the section on the tribe of Judah including a beautiful water fountain and statue of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  I enjoyed walking through the garden, meditating on God’s Word and His beauty in nature.  Another favorite spot was the Shulamite herb garden (pictured above) based off of Song of Solomon and thinking about the spices mentioned.  Am I a fragrant garden for my Beloved?  For more on these gardens, click here.

Closer to home is the beautiful Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens near Grass Valley, Ca.  20 Biblical stations can take approximately 1 ½ hours to walk through on a self-guided tour.  Click here for more info.  Need some time to refocus and refresh?  Consider checking out a Biblical Gardens near you!

What about your backyard?  Are there ways that you can add some meaningful items to focus your mind and heart on God?  Ask God what theme He might have for you.  Do some research.  Maybe it’s planting certain plants, a foot path or stones or plaques with Scripture on them.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that is meaning to you and the Lord.

Comment and let me know about your favorite prayer spot with the Lord.



Prayer Opportunity



I’m posting early as I heard of this unique way to include our prayers in an Eagle Scout’s project.  He is building a labyrinth (see blog on Labyrinths if this is new to you) and is asking for people from around the world to add their prayers.  But there’s a deadline, Friday, September 19.  If you get this in time, let’s include our prayers in this project!  Click here for more information and to participate.

If you get this too late, think about what kind of project God might lay on your heart – maybe building your own prayer garden in your backyard, and including ways to add prayers in it.  God will give you some great ideas!  Think of ways you can include your church, small group or region in such a project.  Comment and let me know what you do!