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Prayers of Martin Luther King, Jr


As we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr today, I was made aware of a book of compiled prayers from him titled, “Thou, Dear God; Prayers that Open Hearts and Spirits”.  As I read some of the prayers, I was moved by the beauty, simplicity and heart cry for racial harmony.  God created us each uniquely and ordained the splendid array of nationalities for His glory.  Let’s join in the spirit of Jesus’ pray that we would be one as He and the Father are one (John 17:21)

Enjoy this excerpt below from a radio broadcast in 1953:

“Most gracious and all wise God before whose face the generations rise and fall; Thou in whom we live and move and have our being.  We thank Thee all of Thy good and gracious gifts, for life and for health, for food and for raiment; for the beauties of nature and for the love of human nature.  We come before Thee painfully Read more »

Prayers for the New Year

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, consider writing a prayer of dedication to the Lord.  In your own words, ask Him to help you surrender all that is old and receive His fresh vision for you in the coming year.  It’s only by His strength that you can do what He is calling you to this season.  Here’s a sample prayer to consider:

New Year’s Prayer

Lord, this year I want to change,
and I’ve said that in the past.
but now my prayer is different
’cause I understand at last.

I wanted my own way before,
I ignored your loving plans.
But now I’m putting everything
into your nail-scarred hands.

I promise to obey you
out of gratitude and love.
I won’t be Read more »

Christmas Giving Prayers


Christmas is thought of as the happiest time of year, but for many it isn’t.  There are various reasons, one of which is little or no money to buy gifts.  It’s hard when you want to give, but can’t.  You hear others talking about the presents they are purchasing for family and friends and it can be depressing.  Dreading those questions we throw around at Christmas parties: “Got all your shopping done?” or “Ready for Christmas?”

If that is you, consider what you DO have to give!  Make a list of those you’d like to give gifts to this year but can’t.  One by one, ask God what they most need this year that you could pray for.  Jot it down beside their name.  It might be a Read more »

Advent Prayers


In the rush of Christmas preparations and parties, it helps to spend time preparing our hearts, reminding ourselves why we celebrate this season.  Some traditions include lighting of candles, an advent wreath, Scripture readings and special prayers.

Some advent prayers focus on others in need and bringing justice.  Others reflect on Jesus the light of the world and how we are called to bring that light to those around us.  Sometimes its just about slowing down and encountering Christ in the moment.

You can download a free devotional guide for the advent season from the Billy Graham organization by clicking HERE

Do you have an advent tradition?  How do you connect with God in this busy season?  What brings meaning and joy to you at this time of year?

Hanukkah Prayers


Today is the fifth day of Hanukkah, an eight day holiday celebrated by Jews commemorating the military victory over the Greeks and the miracle of oil that didn’t run out.  We might consider Hanukkah something just for Jews, however, Jesus kept Hanukkah, referenced in John 10:22 as the Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah is the Hebrew word for dedication).  Hanukkah represents both religious freedom and God’s miraculous provision.

Around 165 BC, the Greeks had oppressed the Jews, demanding they worship idols and defiling the temple.  A single priest opposed the regime and when joined by a relatively small band of warriors was eventually able to push out the Greeks and began to restore worship in the temple.  It was discovered Read more »

Thanksgiving Prayers

It isn’t hard to name off the usual list of things we are grateful for during Thanksgiving dinner: God, family, friends, etc.    The more difficult work involves living it, day in and day out.

In the inspiring book, “One Thousand gifts”, Ann Voskamp describes how being grateful for the small, daily things and recording them brought transformation to her heart and life.   It is a book I highly recommend, not just to read, but to implement.  I know I should be grateful, but in the Read more »