Christmas Giving Prayers


Christmas is thought of as the happiest time of year, but for many it isn’t.  There are various reasons, one of which is little or no money to buy gifts.  It’s hard when you want to give, but can’t.  You hear others talking about the presents they are purchasing for family and friends and it can be depressing.  Dreading those questions we throw around at Christmas parties: “Got all your shopping done?” or “Ready for Christmas?”

If that is you, consider what you DO have to give!  Make a list of those you’d like to give gifts to this year but can’t.  One by one, ask God what they most need this year that you could pray for.  Jot it down beside their name.  It might be a prayer for peace or healing or even things like a new car, a job or healing of a relationship breech.  Then commit to praying for those things through December.  It will cheer you up considerably when you realize you get to partner with God in giving.

Wrapping paper will be soon be thrown away, toys discarded over time, but the gift of prayer keeps on giving.  Even if you have plenty of resources to buy presents, consider adding to your list this most precious gift!


  • I love that suggestion. May your days be merry.

  • Merry christmas and a blessed new year.

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