Day and Night Prayer

Many years ago, I would wake up in the night and since I couldn’t sleep, would get up to pray.  This became a habit as I would have my “quiet” time sometime between 1-3pm.  The only problem was that I was drowsy from sleep and often had to pace and use written prayers to keep focused.

After a number of years of this, I asked God persistently to put me back on the “day” shift, reasoning that I would be more awake and could  pray more effectively.  He did answer my request and I stopped waking up in the early hours of the morning.  At first, I was very pleased with this, but soon found how hard it is to have “quiet” time in the morning once the day has started and all the demands and distractions the can overwhelm or keep me from focused time.  I have since repented and while I don’t wake up in the night as often, I realize the value of that truly quiet time of prayer, even if I’m a little groggy.  Jesus set the example of sometimes even spending the night in prayer or getting up very early before dawn to pray.

When you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back asleep, it might be an invitation to pray in the dark hours.  Enjoy some truly quiet moments with Jesus and trust Him to refresh your body, soul and spirit so you can fulfill all He has for you the next day.  Is there a cost?  Yes.  But it is well worth it.

Why does day and night prayer matter?  One simple answer is that it is a reflection of the continuous worship and prayer going on in heaven (Revelation 4 & 5).  He is worthy of our continuous worship, adoration and prayer.  While in our present physical bodies, we aren’t capable of going without sleep, we can share – some taking the day and some the night.

I’m so blessed by the International House of Prayer in Kansas City which has been going 24/7 since 1999 – day and night prayer and worship dimly reflecting the glory around the throne.  You can tune in any time and join in:

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  • Prayer is such an intimate invitation from God to be in communication with Him. A am thankful when he wkes me up to talk to him about life. It seems the middle of the night prayer times in my life are for interceding for others in intense need in my community, on the mission field, in my family. It fills me with peace to know he cares for us enough to involve others to intercede for those in need. It is a time of worship and praise to him. My grandma and my husband’s grandma were prayer warriors for their families and it is so precious to see the answers to their continual and fervent prayers for their grandchildren. God has brought about mighty, complete changes in the lives of their families long after their deaths. To God be the glory. May he use our prayers to do the same. Linda

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