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Inner Healing Prayers – Part Six – Generational Patterns

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In the beginning, God created us so that from generation to generation blessings would flow from parent to child in ever increasing ways.  This principle holds true even though sin has brought an added dimension.  Now, not only are blessings passed on, so are patterns of sin or iniquity (a bent towards sin).

We want to honor and bless the good that we receive from our parents, but to also identify those areas the enemy is seeking to ensnare and destroy our bloodline and deal with them, so that we do not pass them on to our children.  These patterns may include traits like pride, stubbornness, lying (see the pattern of deception in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) as well as things like adultery, divorce, alcoholism, etc.  We don’t need to be discouraged when we recognize these patterns!  God has given us a way out of these through Jesus’ blood!!!

Set aside some time to ask the Lord what issues He wants you to address.  Write down what He shows you.  You can then use this sample prayer taken from the book “Set Yourself Free” By Robert Heidler (a book I highly recommend!  You can get your copy at www.gloryofzion.org)

Dear Lord,

I confess that my family (nation, church, etc) is guilty of ______.  I acknowledge that through these sins we have opened a door to judgment, curses and demonic oppression upon ourselves.

I agree with You that these things are wrong.  I choose, as an act of my will, to renounce these sins and turn from them.  I claim the forgiveness and protection of the blood of Jesus.  Thank You that Jesus took my curse and judgment upon Himself.  By His authority I now break every curse and demonic assignment that has come against me as a result of these ancestral sins.  I thank You that the blood of Jesus has set me free.

I pray that the blessing of salvation be released to my family line in Jesus name. Amen.  (Taken from “Set Yourself Free” by Robert Heidler)

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