The Circle Maker

circle maker

There is an ancient story told of Honi, a Jewish man, who in a time of drought drew a circle in the sand and refused to leave it, praying day and night, until God sent rain.  It represents desperate and persistent type prayers that don’t give up.  I admit I don’t always have that kind of consistency and desperateness to my prayers.  At times, we can give up too soon, figuring that we let God know the need and we just wait around for Him to do something.  Yet it is the partnership that He loves, that we ask and keep asking and knocking until He opens that door, believing in His promises.

I recently finished the book “The Circle Maker” where Pastor Mark Batterson recounts the Honi story and shares his own experiences as a “circle maker.”  I was inspired and encouraged to Read more »

Examen, Part 2

In researching for the previous blog, I came across a wonderful website that combines the Examen prayer and journaling –  You can explore the site without creating an account, but to save your journal entries you can sign up for free.  I’ve really enjoyed this week using this method with journaling.  They have a variety of options to use in your devotional life.  The Prayer Examen is similar to the one I shared in my blog last week, with the added benefit of guided journaling.

They also offer a Scripture Examen which is essentially praying and journaling passages of Scripture.  Each day there is a different passage that you can choose either from the New or Old Testaments or a Psalm or the Gospels.

There is also a “Center Out Prayer” which guides you through praying for yourself, those close to you, your region, nation and the world including space to journal your prayers.

Finally, the offers Read more »

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The Examen


In our busy lives, we don’t often take time to reflect on our day and how God has moved in it.  The Examen is a method of reviewing the day, seeing God’s presence and confessing where we’ve “missed it.”  Avoid falling into the trap of condemnation, but recognize that the more understanding we have, the more of God’s grace we receive to avoid those mistakes in the future.  I’ve taken this Examen from The Practical Disciple (used by permission).  Next week we will look at a practical tool combining Examen and journaling.

Find a spot where you are not likely to be interrupted. Sit down and settle down. Relax. You may want to light a candle or dim lights just to mark a transition into prayer time.

1. Recall that you are in the presence of God. No matter where you are and no matter what you are doing God is present. God’s voice Read more »

The ACTS Prayer Model

Why use a prayer model?  Though prayer is about relationship, prayer models can be a powerful tool to keep you focused and increase your prayer life.  Too much of the time we know we should prayer, but we spend little time actually doing it.  Using a prayer model such as the FELLOWSHIP prayer model (See previous blogs) or the ACTS model described below can make a huge difference in your life as you consistently pray.  This model was developed by Joseph Company and instead of “reinventing the wheel,” I’ve included their description and sample guide.  There is also a great youtube video available – just type in “acts prayer model” and enjoy a video posted by The Practical Disciple

The ACTS Prayer Model is a tool to help guide you into the Presence of God during your personal devotional time. To use this tool, pray through each section and use the “Launching Pad” Scriptures to lead you to other passages.

Summary of ACTS Prayer Model Read more »

Types of Intercessors and Corporate Prayer

Why does it matter what type of intercessor you are?  It can make a big difference when we come together to pray corporately.  If you are a list intercessor, you’re interested in an organized prayer meeting that is focused and “gets something accomplished.”  A warrior intercessor feels best when finishing a prayer meeting with great passion and zeal.  If a watchman intercessor doesn’t feel heard, he may not come back next time.  If there isn’t worship, the priestly intercessor may leave feeling dry.

One of the reasons I believe our prayer meetings tend to be poorly attended is that we often focus on only one style of intercession.  Many others may want to pray, but when they come they don’t connect, feel heard, or find what fills them up.  If we want increased participation in corporate prayer settings, we need to consider the different types.

While we won’t be able to satisfy every need every time, we can do some things to accommodate more styles of prayer.  If you don’t already, consider adding a time of worship.  Having a focus will encourage list pray-ers who feel chaotic when there’s no direction.  Is there time given for prophetic expression?  Does the service have some passion in it?

People will come to prayer meetings where there is life, where they feel they can connect with God and with others.  Think about the prayer meetings you are a part of.  Ask God what can be done to increase participation and ways to incorporate different styles of prayer.  You just might be surprised at the results!

Types of Intercessors, Part 4 (Priestly Intercessors)

For many years, I didn’t think I was really an intercessor.  Worship is my passion.  I enjoy prayer when not worshipping.  I didn’t fit into the intercessor stereotype of praying long, passionate prayers.  However, I came to understand that just as the high priest would minister to the Lord and carry on his heart intercession for Israel, so the priestly intercessor worships the Lord while carrying intercession on their heart.

It looks much different from the list intercessor who needs to go through the list and pray for each item and finds pleasure in doing so.   The priestly intercessor simply worships God while carrying on their heart intercession.  They may Read more »

Types of Intercessors, Part 2 – (Watchman Intercessor)


I love God’s creativity and how He made each one of us unique as we reflect who He is.  As we look at the second type of intercessor, the watchman, we appreciate the benefits that they bring to the body of Christ.

The watchman or prophetic intercessor are those who are on the lookout to see what the enemy is doing (strategy for battle) or what God is up to.  They usually have great discernment and are alert to danger.

The weaknesses of this type of intercessor are that they may tend to be “loners” off in the watchtower and may be misunderstood by others.  Watchmen may tend to be more Read more »

Types of Intercessors, Part 1 (Warrior Intercessor)


Just as God created us with different personalities, we also pray in unique ways.  While we don’t want to put people “in a box,” there are patterns that can help us better understand one another.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at four different types of intercessors.  You may be thinking of many more, but these give us a starting point.  Each type has both strengths and weaknesses, which if we recognize, can help us relate better to one another and have more enjoyable prayer meetings.

Warrior Intercessors

When you think of an “intercessor,” the warrior type may come to mind.  You’ve seen them – the fiery prayer warrior who can pray on and on and on.  Praying “the paint off the walls” is Read more »

Two-Way Journaling



I wasn’t a journaler.  Though I enjoy writing, putting down personal thoughts on paper didn’t appeal to me.  That is, until I went through a How to Hear God’s Voice workshop by Mark Virkler.  During the workshop, we were given many opportunities to practice two-way journaling and I became hooked.  I’ve found it a vital part of my prayer life and I love to look back and read past entries that encourage me in my current journey.

God created us for relationship.  Relationships are built on Read more »