Declaration Prayers #3

Our spoken words can promote good or evil.  While we want only good to come from our mouth, we often find ourselves declaring things that are contrary to God and His will for us.  James addressed this issue in his epistle saying, “And so blessing and cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. Surely, my brothers and sisters, this is not right!”  James 3:10  Using declaration prayers doesn’t mean we deny our circumstances or our feelings, but we make conscious choices regularly to agree with what God says about them.

Declarations stir our faith to believe God’s promises for us, however, if we don’t understand  God’s ways and how to partner with Him, we can be disappointed and lose hope if we don’t see the immediate results we think we should get.   God’s ways are so different from ours.  He is always good and faithful, whether Read more »

Declaration Prayers #2

Declarations aren’t about convincing God of anything.  They are about convincing ourselves of God’s Word and His truth about us.  Satan unceasingly speaks his lies to us and if we don’t have a solid foundational understanding of who God is and how He feels/thinks about us, we can easily fall for his trap.

We also don’t declare them in a frivolous, flippant or arrogant way.  It is humbling to consider the God of the universe who created all things actually loves, intimately cares for and desires relationship with me.

Make these declarations regularly.  Put them on Read more »

Declaration Prayers #1

A friend of mine, Gina Hyatt, recently shared with me some declaration prayers that I believe are powerful tools in strengthening our prayer life.  I could list them all here at once, but feel there’s value in sharing a few at a time.

Words are powerful.  God used them to create our world (Genesis 1).  When He spoke, it happened.  We aren’t God, but we are created in His image and our words also have power.

This doesn’t mean that Read more »

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Cellphone Prayers

Here’s a great way to pray I heard from a friend.  She told me how she goes through her contact list on her cellphone and says a brief prayer for each one as she has time.  I especially like this since my name begins with “A” – I’m at the top of her list! : )

Have those moments when you are waiting for an appointment?  Instead of becoming impatient, pull out your phone and look through your contact list.  Who does God want you to pray for today?

Help! Prayers

While most of the time my prayers center around praise and gratefulness to God, the last couple of months it seemed, HELP! was more on my lips.  It wasn’t so much about circumstances, but a deep sense of my need for God.

At first, since it was so different from what naturally came as prayer, I wondered if somehow I’d “missed it” and should press into adoration prayers (see blog).  However, I came to realize it was a good thing to recognize my deep need for more of God and that it really flowed from a hunger for more of Him.

God is moving on my heart more and more the truth of John 15:5 – “…for without Me, you can do nothing.”  While its true I can do a lot of things in the natural and can excel at them, I am realizing Read more »

T-R-U-S-T Prayer

A friend and I were discussing the Holy Spirit the other day.  In the conversation, we reflected how it is easy to pray to Jesus or the Father, but we often have a harder time praying to Holy Spirit.  Not that we don’t want to, but the typical images of a dove or some force or power source somehow don’t seem personal.

I love the words Jesus used to describe the Holy Spirit – Helper and Comforter!   He is more than a “Spirit” or “Ghost” as the KJV puts it.  As one of the Trinity, He desires a close connection with you and I – to actually dwell within us!

How do you view Holy Spirit?  Is He Read more »

Life Band Prayer

In 2004 a group of intercessors fasted and prayed 50 days for the ending of abortion and sought God for a way to act and then headed to Washington D.C. confident that prayer could change things.  Thus was born Bound4Life, a group dedicated to prayer for the ending of abortion.  Instead of picketing abortion clinics, they felt led to stand in silent vigil with their mouths covered by red tape with the word “life” in black letters.  This unspoken siege, multiplied across the nation, has had a powerful impact and saved many lives.

During one of these silent sieges, someone had an idea that if they turned the “life” tape into a wristband, it would be an ongoing symbol and commitment to pray for the ending of abortion.  Over 450,000 life bands have been distributed to date along with this simple prayer:

“Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America.”

This is a prayer of identificational repentance as we recognize and repent for our own sins and the sins of our nation in supporting abortion.  When I first heard about the Life band prayer, I applauded the effort, but didn’t feel particularly connected to it…that is until Read more »

Corporate Repentance

While corporate repentance and identificational repentance may be very similar in the content of the prayers, corporate repentance is done by a group or a representation of the group.

Daniel prayed individually for his nation (Indentificational repentance), however, in one of the biggest examples of corporate repentance, the city of Nineveh all came together to repent.  It had dramatic results!  A city doomed for destruction was saved!  God heard the prayers of a pagan city and turned away the judgement He had declared through Jonah.  The king of Nineveh himself bowed low in sackcloth and ashes and required everyone to do the same. He decreed: “But let man and beast be covered with sackcloths and cry mightily to God; yes let everyone turn from his evil way and from the violence that is in his hands. Who can tell if God will turn and relent, and turn away from His fierce anger, so that we may not perish?”Jonah 3:8-9

in 1977 South Africa experienced a severe drought.  The president of the country called for a national day of repentance.  Masses of people left Read more »

Identificational Repentance

It takes a great love to identify with someone else, to be in touch with who they are and how they feel.  But even greater is the one who identifies with the sins and weakness of someone and is willing to cry out to God on their behalf.

Jesus is the ultimate example of this as He became one with us, identifying with us in our weakness and even taking on our sin so that He could redeem us.  While we don’t take on the sin of others (only Jesus could), He does call us at times to express His love by identifying with them and repenting corporately.  Two Biblical examples of this are Nehemiah and Daniel.

The first chapter of Nehemiah records Nehemiah’s response when he hears that Jerusalem is in ruins and the survivors are distressed.  Nehemiah wept many days and fasted and prayed.  In his prayer, he cries out to God to hear him and confesses: “…we have sinned against You.  Both my father’s house and I have sinned.  We have acted very corruptly against You….”  (Neh 1:6,7).  To the best of our knowledge, Read more »

Personal Repentance Prayers

We typically think of repentance in association with a “come to Jesus” meeting where people give their hearts to the Lord.  However, repentance simply means changing our mind about something and is really about agreeing with God about issues in our life, instead of our own ways.  Because our ways are not His ways and our thoughts are different from His thoughts (Isa 55:8), repentance should be a regular part of our lives as we come into greater agreement with how He thinks!

Repentance isn’t about feeling guilty or condemned (lies of the enemy) and while tears or emotion may be a part of it, they aren’t necessary.  In repentance, we see the truth of God’s love and holiness and allow Him to reveal the areas in our lives that are not pleasing to Him.   We then “change our mind” and choose to agree with Him, to receive His forgiveness, cleansing, and restoration as we draw closer to Him.  It is part of Read more »