Breath prayers

breath prayers

Quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to pray, breath prayers are simple phrases offered up in the rhythm of breathing.  The Jesus Prayer is one example (See blog), but many others can be used, usually based on Scripture.  It is a great way to stay connected to God throughout the day as you go about work, caring for children, or as you go to sleep at night.  The deep breathing has great health benefits as well!  Try these:

Anxious?  Worried?  Say silently “The Lord is my Shepherd” as you breathe in picturing Jesus’ tender care over you.  Then as you breathe out, “I shall not want” (or “I have all I need”) as you release all your cares on Him.  Repeat over and over until you feel fully at peace. Read more »


One of my favorite prayer models is the FELLOWSHIP Prayer – 10 prayers to strengthen your “inner man” (Eph 3:16).  We often focus on praying for outward things – finances, marriage, kids, job, etc. yet when we take care of the “inner man” the outer things often take care of themselves.   I’ve found this prayer to be Read more »

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Pin the “tail” on the world?

Want to get your kids involved in prayer in a fun way?  Try this version of the children’s game “Pin the tail on the donkey”.  Blindfold one child in front of a large world map.  Spin them around and then have them pick a place on the map (if they hit water, have them try again).  Remove blindfold so Read more »

The Jesus Prayer and the Unnamed Pilgrim

Jesus Prayer

You think your life is tough?  A Russian pilgrim, in the mid-19th century was orphaned at age 2, injured by his brother in childhood causing a permanent handicap.  This same brother later stole all his money and set his house on fire. Barely escaping with their lives, he and his wife lived homeless and in poverty for two years until his wife died.  He had every reason to be bitter and resentful, but chose instead to seek the Lord.  Traveling from place to place, the burning desire of this pilgrim was how to Read more »

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Movie Prayers

A person in a theatre
One evening my husband and I went to the movies on a whim. We hadn’t researched the movies available and so just picked one that sounded interesting. It was one of those movies we should have walked out of but kept hoping for some point of redemption in the plot to make it worth it. At the end as the credits began to roll, I cried out to the Lord, “What a waste of time and money. Why are we here?” I felt directed to the names moving across the screen and a prompting to begin praying for them, realizing this was God’s redemptive plan. I wondered if anyone ever prayed for

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Teach Us to Pray

The Lord's Prayer

So where do we start? 1000 ways to pray?  Maybe the best place is Jesus’ response to his disciples request “teach us to pray.”  While what we call “The Lord’s Prayer” is well known and may to some feel overused, it stands as a model for the key ingredients to prayer.  The great thing is since it is so familiar, it’s a great prayer to pray when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep or when you are driving somewhere.  Praying the themes or putting it in your own words personalizes for you instead of just repetition.

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