Dec 29, 2014 - 101-150, Everyday Prayers    No Comments

Praying for Pets


I’m an animal lover and grateful to God for giving us pets to love and enjoy.  For many of us, they become like “family.”  A stress reliever, a friendly greeting, purring or barking and unconditional affection.

When I was a teenager and going through a particularly rough time of my life, God sent a cat to remind me of His love.  I was out for a walk when a very friendly cat came right up to me.  I picked him up and he immediately put his arms around my neck like he was hugging me, purring all the while.  In that moment, I felt God’s presence in a tangible way and a comfort to my heart that is hard to explain.

I’m glad that the animals are meaningful to God as well.  He made them for us to care for and for our enjoyment.  When they are sick or lost and our hearts are distressed, He understands and wants to hear and answer our prayers for them (although it might not always be in the way we expect or hope for).

If you have pets, thank God for them.  When they are distressed or even acting out, ask Him for help and guidance.  It might seem like a little thing, but if it matters to you, it matters to Him.

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