24/7 Prayer



Besides personal prayer in the day and in the night, a number of 24/7 prayer movements and initiatives  have been birthed around the world.  Some involve a specific location, while others focus on spreading out through churches or even individuals.  Each one may do things a little differently, but the heart is the same, to see Jesus exalted in prayer and worship as well as people (and regions) being transformed.

Some of these include:

    International House of Prayer in Kansas City – www.ihopkc.org

     24-7 prayer begun in England in 1999 – www.24-7prayer.com


     Operation Rolling Thunder – http://www.ortprayer.org/

If you can, take some time to explore the websites, hear/read testimonies and consider what type of 24/7 appeals to you the most.  Feel free to post your favorites.

Enjoy these creative videos of why 24/7 prayer matters:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjCHzkoog1I


In our region, we have been having 24/7 prayer since May – rotating each day to another church.  Our church, The Rock of Roseville, will be hosting our next 24 hour prayer on June 10, Monday at 9am until June 11, Tuesday at 9am.  Please join us as we seek God for our city and region.  To learn more, go to:  http://www.citypastors.net/featured-articles/welcome/    Why not visit a participating church today?

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