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Alphabet Prayers


Bored with the routine of family prayers?  Want to “spice up” small group prayer? Here’s a great prayer activity for groups!

Using the alphabet as a prayer prompt, the first person would take the letter “a” and think of something to pray for with that letter.  It could be a person (Annie) or a group (actors) or a problem (addictions) or a country (America) anything that prompts them to pray.  Then they would share their “a” word and pray a short sentence or two prayer based off that letter.  The next person takes the next letter.  Be creative and have fun!

B – Aunt Betty or the Beatles or Basketball players or Bosnia…

C – Carla or California or a friend with cancer or a coffee shop

You can stick with one category or mix it up and let it be a free for all.  You get the idea, now have some fun!


  • a great resource is Praying the Alphabet by Lisa Hickman- putting together some family use tools this fall

  • I love this !

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