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Blessing our Home

Blessing your Home

Praying blessing over our homes seemed an appropriate topic as we just moved into a new house!  It was great to walk around the property and then through the rooms of our home thanking God for our new abode and inviting His presence to fill every room.  Our kids are old enough now to pray over their own rooms, asking God for them to be peaceful places where they can focus and grow in Him.

Why is blessing our homes important?  Isn’t it just dirt and wood that are “neutral”?    We don’t have to go any further than Genesis to see that land can carry a curse (Gen 4:10-12) in the case of Cain.  Idolatry, bloodshed, immorality and covenant breaking all defile land.  These open the door for the enemy to stake claim to a place.  Thankfully, the blood of Jesus can cleanse as we stand in our authority in Him, crying out for redemption of the land.

Here’s ten steps for “spiritual housecleaning” taken from Chuck Pierce’s book “Protecting your Home from Spiritual Darkness”:

  1.  Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior – Most of us have – but in case you haven’t, surrender completely.
  2. Take a spiritual inventory of your life – take out the “garbage”!  Are there any areas of sin in your life that are leaving open doors for the enemy?  Any unforgiveness?  Any bitterness?
  3. Dedicate your home to the Lord – Invite Jesus into your home to fill it with His presence and use for His glory.
  4. Prepare for battle – Ask the Lord for specific strategy and make sure that you and your family are covered with the blood of Jesus, then bind in Jesus’ name any demonic forces manifesting in your home during this process.
  5. Take a spiritual inventory of your home – any objects that may have attachments to foreign gods, idols, secret societies or the occult.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything that gives the enemy a foothold.
  6. Cleanse your home of ungodly objects – Don’t give these away at your next garage sale – if it can be burned, do it.  Smash or destroy these objects.
  7. Cleanse each room and cleanse the land – repent for any known sin committed in rooms or land – ask the Lord to show you anything that might have occurred from a previous occupant.
  8. Consecrate your home and property – speak specific blessings in each room according to what the room is typically used for.  Use anointing oil if you would like.  Some people use wooden stakes and write Scripture on them and place them in the ground on the property.
  9. Fill your home with glory – take communion, fill your home with praise and prayer, speak the Word of God and proclaim His goodness.
  10. Maintain spiritual victory – the enemy will try to find ways to get back in – be watchful and periodically go through the above steps when needed.

Another good resource is the book “Portals to Cleansing” by Dr. Henry Malone.  Keep your atmosphere clean and fill your home with praise!

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