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Breakthrough Prayers (A-R-K Model)

Breakthrough Prayers

Do you have those areas in your life you keep praying about but can’t seem to find breakthrough?  This prayer model is for you!

It originated from Mike Bickle, from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  He uses it to pray the characteristics of Jesus from the book of Revelation.  However, God lead me to use it in a different way in what I call breakthrough prayers.

The basic model is taking a Scripture, reading it and then praying these three things:

A – Agree with the Word

R – Revelation – ask for more revelation of what it means

K – Keep the Word – ask how to obey

Being self-employed, we went through a very difficult season financially.  I felt God prompting me to use this model with verses regarding the poor and God’s provision.  He would lead me to a text and then I would write it out and then write out my agreement of the Word, ask for revelation and how to obey.  Like this:

“You O God, provided from Your goodness for the poor.” Psalm 68:10

A – I agree with Your Word that You provide from Your goodness for the poor.  You are good, very good.  Your resources are unlimited.

R – Lord, I ask for greater revelation of Your goodness and Your provision for us today.

K – Help me to keep Your Word by believing and acting in Your promise to provide out of Your great goodness.

Before it was over, I had pages and pages of these promises.  Believe me, there were times when I did not FEEL at all like the words I was saying and wanted to say “But we don’t have this, we are about to be homeless, etc” and yet would keep coming back to repeating His promises over and over with my agreement.  In a few months, even though our circumstances had not changed, I felt a shift in me and such an increase in my faith level.

You can use this model for almost any area that you want breakthrough in; healing, freedom from addictions, anxiety, fear, etc.  This is really the “renewing your mind” process – literally reprograming your mind to come into agreement with God.  What area of your life do you need breakthrough in?  Try it! 

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