Breath prayers

breath prayers

Quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to pray, breath prayers are simple phrases offered up in the rhythm of breathing.  The Jesus Prayer is one example (See blog), but many others can be used, usually based on Scripture.  It is a great way to stay connected to God throughout the day as you go about work, caring for children, or as you go to sleep at night.  The deep breathing has great health benefits as well!  Try these:

Anxious?  Worried?  Say silently “The Lord is my Shepherd” as you breathe in picturing Jesus’ tender care over you.  Then as you breathe out, “I shall not want” (or “I have all I need”) as you release all your cares on Him.  Repeat over and over until you feel fully at peace.

Stressed out?  Overburdened?  Say “His yoke is easy” as you breathe in, choosing His easy yoke.  “His burden is light” as you breathe out, picturing Him remove your heavy burdens.

Fearful?  Say “The Lord is for me” as you breathe in picturing His loving protection over you.  “Whom (or what) shall I fear?” as you breathe out, releasing all fear to Him.

Insecure?  Say “I am my Beloved’s” as you breathe in experiencing His pleasure and delight over you.  “And He is mine” as you breathe out, fully embraced by the King of Kings.

This is a way to “prayer without ceasing” as you lift up little prayers here and there throughout the day.  The more you “practice” it the easier it becomes and begins to be a continual lifting of your spirit to the Lord.  Because you do it silently, you can do it anywhere.  Experiment with your own breath prayers based on your favorite Scriptures.

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