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Bumper Sticker Prayers

I used to drive as far back as possible from cars who had “yucky” bumper stickers.  However, I now see it as an opportunity to pray for them in specific ways.

From new age to sex symbols or even political slogans, bumper stickers say a lot about where people are in their life and their personal beliefs.

Now when I see a new age bumper sticker, I can ask God to encounter their life and remove deception, that they would have a power encounter with the true and living God.

Particularly in this political season, when I see someone endorsing their candidate who I might disagree with, instead of looking at them with disdain, I can prayer for truth and righteousness in their lives.

Vehicles with sex symbols on them I particularly shied away from, but now I know how to pray for them!  I ask God that they would have deliverance from perverted ways and come to know Him in purity.  Instead of disgust, compassion arises in my heart as I pray for them.

Bumper stickers honoring a child cues me to pray a blessing over them and ask that he or she would encounter Jesus.

Humorous bumper stickers bring a laugh to my day and I thank God for the gift of humor.

When I see a Christian bumper sticker, I can rejoice in my brother or sister in Christ and pray that their walk with Him would be deeper and richer in every way.  I can pray for unity in the body of Christ and any walls of division to be removed as we move together in this region for Him.

Wherever you go, God is giving “cues” to pray.  Are you picking up on them?

1 Comment

  • I’ve always loved reading bumper stickers because I find it so interesting what people choose to share publicly. Thank you for drawing me to the next step; to pray! It seems so obvious, when it’s pointed out of course!
    Thank you and God bless you!

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