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Collage Prayers



I love God’s creativity!  He can speak to us through a sunrise or sunset, a flower, a billboard, a book or a poem.  One way I love to hear Him and to pray His desires for me back to Him is through making a collage.

What you’ll need:

A couple of magazines,



Cardstock paper

Sit down in a prayerful attitude with the magazines.  Don’t think too much about it as you skim through the pages, looking for either a picture or caption/words that grab your attention.  Cut it out and lay it aside.  When you have a number of words/pictures cut out, begin to lay them on the cardstock paper as the creativity God placed within you leads you.  You’re not trying to create a masterpiece, just a simple collage between you and God.  Then glue the pictures/words on the paper.  What is God speaking to you through the phrases or pictures about you, your life, your relationship with Him?

The picture above is a collage I made a number of years ago, but it still speaks to me today.  I could see myself in both the woman dancer and the young girl.  Each picture or word means something to me when I look at it and God continues to communicate His love and purposes through this collage.  Encourage you to try it.  Take some time.  Be creative and enjoy some time with God.  A picture is worth a 1000 words or maybe a 1000 prayers! : )


  • Love the collage idea! Would love to do that with my grandkids one day!!

  • I am doing this right now. I went to a workshop at another church and they were teaching us how to do this. The lady leading it had gotten all these old books ready for us to use by gluing most of the pages down and then we cut into those making a recessed area that we can do something in (our own imagination and God’s inspiration as to what that will be.) I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with mine but this week God inspired me to use words to my favorite hymns as part of the writing part with the art work behind it. I’m really looking forward to some time working in this Collage Prayer Book!! 🙂

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