Courtroom Prayers


No, not talking about how to pray when you appear in traffic court.  In Scripture there are different metaphors for prayer, conversations with our friend, our Abba, our beloved, intercession as warfare, etc.  But we also see it as a courtroom.

God is the judge who decides in favor of the saints (Daniel 7:22-28).  Jesus is our Advocate (1 John 2:1).  We are seated with Him in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6).

Too often when we pray, we pray from the perspective of the earthly realm.  Our prayers are often limited by what we see in the natural.  When we understand the truth that we are seated with Jesus in heavenly places and that the Father loves to legislate against the enemy on our behalf, it makes a difference in how we pray.

The enemy is a legalist and he regularly will bring his case against you in the court of heaven.  He wants to do everything he can stop you from walking in the full destiny God created you to walk in.  The good news is that God is on our side and Jesus pleads His blood on our behalf.  We can pray in confidence from this position in heavenly places.

If you are interested in learning more on courtroom praying, watch this video by clicking here or get a copy of Robert Henderson’s book called “Operating in the Courts of Heaven: Granting God the legal right to fulfill his passion and answer our prayers”


  • I need a cape and need to learn to fly, guess I ‘m going to have to change the way I think. The time is drawing nye! I too felt like we step onto a battle field when we pray. This courtroom idea has given me new eyes. Verdict can be rendered on our behalf. love it. Move the Saints from a place of defeat to a place of dominion. SO much here. Tx Adena

    • I love how God has given many metaphors to understand who He is and how we function. Becoming more aware of these helps us as we depend on the Holy Spirit to lead us! Blessings!!!

  • Wow – love this!! We forget that we are seated with Jesus & all things are under our feet – this helps me change my prayer perspective. Thanks Adena for your constant enlightenment – you are a blessing!

    • Thanks Bri! Love to pass on what God brings my way to encourage us all! Praying God’s abounding grace in your life today! Blessings!

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