Ebola Prayer Points


Watching the news can stress you out!  From sickness, to weather disaster to wars, it can be pretty discouraging, if not fear producing.  God hasn’t called us to walk in that as Christians, but to be proactive in prayer.  How does He want us to respond to the Ebola virus?

A friend of mine, Lena Tawlks, shared the following insights and prayer points for this season:

Intercessors will play a critical role in spiritual warfare using our God given authority over works of the enemy.   I have no doubt that it will be contained in the USA with ongoing vigilance but the slow response has made it much more difficult and costly.  Pray that our government agencies will use wisdom and sound science, especially that they will be truthful about the danger.

Pray that everyone whose passport shows they have been in a country where Ebola is present, will be denied entry to the US.  Our borders here must be protected from illegal entry in order for America to continue to lead in research and provide financial and medical assistance to those already suffering.

Pray for safety and protection for these selfless workers who put their lives on the line just as our Military does.

Fear of illness and death will cause people to seek a higher power for their healing.  Let’s pray that they will turn to Jesus for salvation and healing.  Miracles and healing are catalysts for revival so we must be prepared. I suggest praying that Christians will earnestly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gifts of healing and evangelism.


  • Healing for those already infected and for proper care for them.
  • For medical personnel to receive proper training and equipment so the virus can be contained. It appears that care for just one patient can run into the millions plus the need for tracking and isolating those exposed.
  • Scientific research to discover vaccine and antibiotics to treat.
  • Assurances to prevent fear and panic resulting in disruption of world economy and security.
  • Praise and thankfulness to God for the elimination of many deadly epidemics by the discovery of vaccines, antibiotics and sanitation.

We are blessed in receiving so much from Jesus so let’s pour out prayer and fill those golden bowls at the heavenly altar.



  • Before today I didn’t give much prayerful thought over the Ebola news.
    As I read through this my Spirit was moved to pray hard. So I did.
    Adena, Thank you for writing about this and bringing this to my attention.

    • I must admit I hadn’t prayed a lot about it until a friend brought it to my attention! That’s why we need one another as the Body of Christ. So appreciate you!

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