Examen, Part 2


In researching for the previous blog, I came across a wonderful website that combines the Examen prayer and journaling – www.examen.me.  You can explore the site without creating an account, but to save your journal entries you can sign up for free.  I’ve really enjoyed this week using this method with journaling.  They have a variety of options to use in your devotional life.  The Prayer Examen is similar to the one I shared in my blog last week, with the added benefit of guided journaling.

They also offer a Scripture Examen which is essentially praying and journaling passages of Scripture.  Each day there is a different passage that you can choose either from the New or Old Testaments or a Psalm or the Gospels.

There is also a “Center Out Prayer” which guides you through praying for yourself, those close to you, your region, nation and the world including space to journal your prayers.

Finally, the Examen.me offers a Scripture reading program with guided journaling.  They offer short 7 day guides up to year-long reading programs.  This is great for those who’ve tried the “read the Bible in a year” programs over and over and have become discouraged.  Try a shorter one!  There’s a 14 days Scripture focus on the life of Christ or a 7 day Scripture focus on marriage.  Looking for something longer?  Try a 30 days in the Psalms, Proverbs or 90 days through the New Testament.

Another part I like about it is a feature where you can listen to the Scripture as well as read it.  The journaling prompts are great as well.  All journaling is saved (if you sign up for the free account) and available to download or print at any time.

The focus of Examen is to grow closer to the Lord, have a greater understanding of His Word and to walk in life obedience.  Have fun exploring www.examen.me and growing closer in your relationship with God!

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