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Group Lectio Divina

While meditation is typically an individual discipline, it can be done in a group, building community and a shared experiencing of the Word of God together.  There can be different ways to do it, but here is an outline adapted from an article by Luke Dysinger (www.http://www.valyermo.com/ld-art.html).

Lectio Divina can best be done with 4-8 people in a group.  Provide each participant with a written copy of the Scripture to be shared and the basic outline so they can follow along.  There are three parts to Group Lectio Divina, each beginning with a reading of the Scripture.  

Listening for the Gentle Touch of Christ through the Word

1.  One person reads aloud the passage twice, as the rest listen attentively for what phrase or word especially touches them.

2.  Silence for 1-2 minutes as each participant ponders the word they received.

3.  Each person briefly shares (one or two sentences) the word or phrase that touched them.

How Christ Speaks to Me through the Word

1.  A different person reads the passage again.

2.  Silence for 2-3 minutes as each person reflects on how this word touches their life personally, what is Christ speaking to them personally.

3.  Each person briefly shares what they might have seen or heard during the meditation time.

What Christ Invites Me to Do through the Word

1.  The passage is read one more time by a different person.

2.  Silence for 2-3 minutes as each ponder what God would have them do today with the Word.

3.  Share with each other what God spoke to you and how He wants you to walk it out this week.

4.  Pray together either as a group or pray for the person on your right.

If anyone does not wish to share, they can simply say “pass” and move to the next person.

God calls us to community and this is an excellent way to share together and grow in our understanding of God’s Word and connecting as a body.  You can use this in your small group as part your prayer time at the end of your regular study or set aside a special time or group to do this.  Enjoy!

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