Inner Healing Prayer, Part Five – Healing Prayers for Trauma


We all experience it.  There’s no avoiding pain and trauma in our lives.  Much is healed in Jesus’ presence through worship, prayer and time spent with Him and His body.  However, there are situations when we experience particularly intense trauma that needs attention to heal appropriately and to be able to move on in healthy ways.

I grew up with the belief system that emotions were inferior, weak and even bad and needed to be stuffed or reasoned away.  It was a surprise for me as an adult to realize that God has emotions and that since I was made in His image, He gave me emotions for good reasons.  While we don’t want to be ruled by our emotions, they are an important part of our make-up and we need to learn how to express and process them appropriately.  The enemy wants to use our emotions against us, but God gave us emotions to express the beauty and variety of being able to feel as He does.

When we experience intense trauma, our tendency is to stuff emotion, particularly if it is negative.  We need help to process those with the Lord and others so we can move on in wholeness.  The enemy can also use trauma as a place to gain a foothold in our lives through fear.  We don’t want to become a victim but to learn ways to overcome the lies of the enemy and the fear that may invade as a result of the trauma.  God has a plan for our victory, turning every test into a testimony, every pain into praise.  Sometimes there is an instant healing through prayer, in other situations it make take a process to work through.  Trust God for your journey.

If you realize you’ve experienced trauma that is still haunting you, don’t hesitate to get some help!  Here’s some resources:

Hope in Life  Brenda Zamorano – 916-932-2384

Sacramento Healing Prayer Ministry – Ann Fish –  Chandra Domich –


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