Inner Healing Prayer, Part One


What’s inner healing prayer? Why do we need it?  If I’m a new creation in Christ, why am I still struggling?  These are some questions we will be answering in this and upcoming blogs.  If you are in the Sacramento area, click here for an upcoming workshop on this topic!

Inner healing prayer represents a broad spectrum of types of prayer developed by various streams in the last couple of decades based on Biblical principles.  The focus is to help heal trauma from the past, deal with strongholds of the mind and heart and generational sins.  It can include prayer for deliverance.

My first introduction to inner healing was through Elijah House, a ministry based in Idaho (for more information, go to  My husband and I went through a week of intensive prayer counseling that opened our eyes to understanding more about the process and journey God takes each one of us on in bringing healing and restoration.  Years later, we discovered a local healing prayer center that offered the same type of prayer as well as training.  What we encountered there radically changed our lives, breaking us out of performance religion into experiencing Jesus in new ways.  Are we perfect?  No way!  Has it been an easy journey?  No, but joyful in growing in God.  Is there more to be done?  You bet!  But we’ve learned that it isn’t about being “perfect” but about enjoying the process of growing into maturity in Jesus.

Some people teach just to shut the door on the past and move forward, but I’ve found that God, who lives outside of time, is present in my past, present and future and where my past is hindering me from moving forward, He wants to reveal things needed to escape the snares of the enemy and keep going.

Inner healing isn’t about being “perfect” or putting a patch on an old garment or trying harder to do right, but about a joyful journey of growing in God, who loves us deeply and delights in our process.  In future blogs, we will look at specific methods and the strengths and weaknesses of each.


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