Inner Healing Prayer, Part Seven – Spiritual Pollution


We don’t often think about spiritual pollution and how it affects us. Our enemy wants to use whatever means he can to pollute our atmosphere and cause us to stumble.  For many years I was ignorant of the impact that idols can have in our lives. Yeah, idols.  This can be anything from a real idol (often from other countries) to occult objects to anything we’ve made an idol (put above God).  The power is not in the object itself, but in the attachment the enemy has on it.   Sometimes when traveling, we buy items that we think are just “art” or decoration, but if it has been dedicated to a foreign god, it brings pollution into our atmosphere.

Years ago we had a foreign exchange student stay with us for a couple of months.  As a gift, she brought us an incense burner in the form of an idol.  We didn’t think much of it at the time and because it was a gift, were sentimental about it.  However, we grew increasingly uncomfortable about it over the years and after learning more about spiritual housecleaning, realized it had to go.

Take some time to go through your home asking the Lord if there is anything that is there that is polluting your atmosphere.  It might be photos from an ungodly relationship, occult objects or things used by the enemy or a gift that has attachments to it.   Use the steps below to do spiritual housecleaning in your home:

House Cleaning Exercise:

  1.  Dedicate your home to the Lord – Invite God’s presence
  2. Take a Spiritual Inventory of your home – Ask God for discernment
  3. Cleanse your home of ungodly objects – Burn items if possible
  4. Ask forgiveness –
  5. Cleanse each room and the land – repent for known sins committed
  6. Consecrate your home and property to God – Declare Joshua 24:15
  7. Fill your home with glory – Worship, take communion, etc.

(From “Setting Yourself Free” by Robert Heidler, also recommend the book “Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness” by Chuck Pierce)

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