Inner Healing Prayer, Part Three – Lies we Believe


One part of inner healing is recognizing lies we believe about ourselves, God and others that influence our daily life.  One of the enemy’s greatest tactics is to get us to believe these lies so that we won’t walk in the fullness that God created for us to walk.

Most of the lies we don’t immediately recognize as many of them we’ve been “taught” since our first breath.  The enemy would often use those closest to us to speak things over us that aren’t in alignment with God’s heart.  Because of some teasing early in my life, I believed I wasn’t creative and from another incident, that I couldn’t speak in front of people.  It’s taken healing prayer to expose those lies and to agree with God and walk in the truth.

Some inner healing methods simply have you repent and renounce the lie and declare the truth.  Other methods involve asking the Holy Spirit where the lie came from in the past and have you walk through a process of healing.  One healing stream that teaches this is called “Theophostic Prayer”.  Through this process, the source of the lie is identified, the person is asked “where was Jesus in that incident?” and led to a place of healing as the lies and trauma of it are exposed and truth, light and Jesus replace the lie.

I would add a word of caution.  I’ve seen many people greatly blessed by what is called theophostic prayer and others who were not.  There is some controversy over this method.  I believe the basic principles are sound and that God does want to heal past trauma and speak healing into our lives, but some methods may not be helpful and may border on new age techniques or the person feeling the need to “produce” a response with guided imagery.  As with many good things, there is a true and a false.  I don’t want to throw out something just because some have used it wrongly.  The Lord will give you wisdom and insight as you seek Him.

What lies are you believing?  What truth does God want to speak into your heart?  One way to help reinforce God’s truth is using declarations (see previous blogs) or writing our own based on Scripture.  Here’s one a wrote a number of years ago to help me overcome the lie that poverty is “righteous” based off of Exodus 1:7 and Proverbs 13:22

I thank you Lord for causing us to be fruitful, to increase abundantly and to multiply and to grow exceedingly mighty.  I thank you that we pass on to our children an inheritance of fruitfulness and favor through Jesus Christ.

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