Inner Healing Prayer, Part Two – Sozo


Sozo is the Greek word translated “saved/healed/delivered” and is an inner healing method used to bring transformation and wholeness to individuals.  The goal is to identify root issues that may be hindering the person from moving forward in their walk with Jesus and through prayer, set them free.  Sozo is not counseling, but a time of seeking the Holy Spirit’s leading in a time of prayer.  As with any inner healing process, groups may use different methods and call it “sozo”.

Because inner healing is a delicate issue and much damage can be done by well-meaning people, it’s important that not just anybody prays for you.  Go with people you trust or come highly recommended by people you trust.

Inner healing is not typically a “one time event”, but part of a process of growing and maturing in Christ.  One of the down sides of how some groups do sozo is that it is thought of as a one-time encounter and no need for further sessions.  Any healing ministry that proposes an “instant” cure or the opposite, years and years of intensive focus, should probably not be your choice.

If you live in the Sacramento region, we will be having a workshop on Inner healing on Saturday, May 17, at The Rock of Roseville.  Go to for more information.


  • Hi Adena
    This is very helpful. I did purchase the book set yourself free
    I realize that I need more guidance with this process
    Can you recommend for me a place in Sacramento or near

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