Interacting with the Prayer Room, Part 2


Every prayer room will be unique in its expression and form, but going beyond simple observation and finding ways to interact will make it a much more meaningful experience.  At the Rock House of Prayer, we have several “live” sets each week as well as hours of streaming video from the prayer room at IHOP ( – see previous blog).

While each live set has a basic structure, it may differ from week to week depending on the prayer leader and what God is doing as we follow the flow of the Spirit.  On Tuesdays, our healing prayer set begins with worship and then intercession led by a prayer leader.  There are opportunities for you to come and pray up front as well as time for receiving healing prayer.  On Wednesday, our revival set focuses on  praying for pastors and leaders in the region, for unity and revival.

The advantage to a “live” prayer room is being able to interact in a more corporate way.  When invited to do so, feel free to come to the front to pray.  Whether it is a short, two sentence prayer or a lengthier one, it all counts to God and blesses those in the room.

Because I tend to be one who prays shorter prayers, it can be especially intimidating if someone before me has prayed a long, flowing prayer.  I can be tempted to think their prayer is somehow better, more anointed, or more powerful.  But God loves my unique expression!  We pray, not to impress others, but to simply communicate with the God of the universe who loves us. Don’t let fear keep you from the corporate expression of prayer!

If someone is praying a longer prayer, it can be easy for our minds to wander.  Find ways to stay engaged.  I find praying in the Spirit or  softly agreeing with a “yes, Lord” or repeating phrases under my breath (see previous blog) helps me keep focused.  We are one body and the prayer room is a great place to grow in learning to flow together and appreciate each one’s contribution.  Though we may pray along similar themes, each of us prays in unique ways.  Enjoy the differences!

While the prayer room can be a great place to soak, do our own personal Bible study and prayer or even work, take some time to interact!

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