Meditation, Part Two

Wondering where to start in going deeper in Biblical meditation?  Try these suggestions from Kirk Bennett (

  • Find a quiet place with space enough to walk, pace or even dance!
  • Play anointed music the helps you focus on Jesus
  • Get in a position that helps you stay alert and not fall asleep
  • Have your Bible, pen, paper and water available.
  • On your paper, section off one side to write tasks that will “pop in” as you try to meditate.  Then you can put it out of your mind and focus back on Jesus.

Then pick a verse from Scripture that you would like to gain greater understanding in.  Then as you begin, try this method of meditation (R-W-S-S-P)

  1.  Read it – Read the one verse through several times.  Note key phrases or words.  Emphasize different words and ponder the meaning.
  2. Write it – Write the verse exactly as it is written and then close your Bible so you aren’t drawn to other verses.  As you go through the next steps, come back and write down any thoughts or revelation you may get.
  3. Say it – Speak the verse out loud so you can hear it.  Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.  As you repeat the verse or phrases of it, certain words or thoughts will be highlighted for you.
  4. Sing it – Whether you can carry a tune or not, singing it will help to unlock your heart more than just speaking it.  Be brave!  God loves to hear your song!  Sing the verse then paraphrase it.
  5. Pray it – Communion with God through the verse.  Ask Him to help you believe and “live” the verse.

Enjoy going deep in God’s Word and in prayer!  It may be difficult at first, but the rewards are incredible!


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