Memorial Day Prayer

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Memorial Day Prayers

God loves memorials!  The word “remember” is used 148 times in Scripture.  God used a rainbow as a memorial of His covenant.  He had the Israelites build a monument of stones from the river Jordan to commemorate their crossing over.  God gave them feasts to remember His deliverance from Egypt, the giving of the law and their time of dwelling in tents.  It’s good to remember!

On Memorial Day, we especially remember and express our gratitude for those who fought and died for our freedom.  Today, I’m remembering my Uncle Tom who died serving in Vietnam.  I’m grateful to live in a land of relative freedom and praying that freedom continues!

Beyond this, let’s remember the One who brought us the ultimate freedom through His death and resurrection, Jesus Christ!  The reason we have any level of freedom, spiritually and physically, is because of Him.

Take time in the midst of vacation or BBQ or whatever you are doing to be grateful.  To remember.  To pray.

Jesus, You are the One who paid the price for my ultimate freedom!  Thank You for what you did for me!  Today I remember again and celebrate the price You paid. 

Today, I also remember those who fought for my freedom in this country, brave men and women who gave up their lives in battle.  I pray for their families and loved ones who suffered great loss and trust that you comfort their hearts in a special, supernatural way.  Amen. 


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