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Movie Prayers

A person in a theatre
One evening my husband and I went to the movies on a whim. We hadn’t researched the movies available and so just picked one that sounded interesting. It was one of those movies we should have walked out of but kept hoping for some point of redemption in the plot to make it worth it. At the end as the credits began to roll, I cried out to the Lord, “What a waste of time and money. Why are we here?” I felt directed to the names moving across the screen and a prompting to begin praying for them, realizing this was God’s redemptive plan. I wondered if anyone ever prayed for

these people, some famous, some in the eyes of the world, seemingly insignificant.
Of course, this doesn’t mean to go to a bad movie just so you can pray over the credits, but now when we go to the movies, I enjoy praying brief prayers of blessing over the names, asking God to touch these ones with His love, and believing one day I might meet one or two of them in heaven when the overlapping of our lives and God’s providence is fully realized and I get to hear “You don’t know me, but you prayed for my name on the movie screen. This is how God used your little prayer to impact my life….” So next time you’re at the movies and those credits are rolling, take a minute to lift up a prayer. Only eternity will reveal the results.

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