Personal Prayer

For many intercessors, there can be the unconscious thought that somehow praying for oneself isn’t as “important” or is somehow more “selfish” than praying for others.  However, when we look at the Lord’s Prayer, the model prayer that Jesus gave the disciples, it contains a number of personal requests – daily bread, forgiveness, deliverance, etc.  While honoring our Father, the Holy God, and crying out for His Kingdom to come, we also are to pray for those personal things that we require daily.  Not because He is unaware of them, but because we need to understand our dependence on Him.  In our asking Him for our daily needs, we become mindful again of the insufficiency of ourselves and His greatest pleasure in bestowing His gifts to us.

DAILY BREAD:  We often see our provision coming from our jobs, our spouse or other sources.  However, it really comes from God alone.  He is the one who gives us the ability to gain wealth (Deut 8:18).  It is His hand that gives us our daily bread.  In addition to this, He says that man cannot live by bread alone but by every Word of God (Deut 8:3).  His Word becomes fresh and new every morning as we depend on the Holy Spirit to speak again to us through the Scriptures.

FORGIVEN AS WE FORGIVE:  We tend to separate our relationship with God from our relationships with those around us.  Yet they are interwoven.  The quality of our relationship with God is affected by our relationships with family, friends and even “enemies”.  We need the daily reminder to be clean in our connection with God by walking with integrity and love with our “brother.”

PRE-TEMPTATION REQUEST:  God asks us to request deliverance from temptation before we are even tempted.  He has a way of escape even before we are tempted.  He delights to free us from any trap the enemy may be setting for us, but it requires us to ask it of Him.  We usually wait until we are in a mess and then cry out to Him and, in His mercy He will help us, but there is a better way.  Daily ask for deliverance and watch how He strengthens you for every trial.

Don’t shy away from daily personal prayer.  He loves to hear your needs and to supply all that you need as you trust fully in Him.

Artwork by Steph Lindsay

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