Physical Expressions of Prayer, Part 3


While last week’s blog was my least favorite expression of prayer, today’s is one of my favorites!  Praying in bed!  Growing up I was taught that it was not a good thing to fall asleep in prayer and so praying in bed was not approved of, since you might drift off.  However, I’m grateful for the freedom now to go to sleep praying and to wake up praying.

The Psalmist says “When I remember You on my bed, I meditate on You through the night watches.” (Psalm 63:6)  Or even “Let the saints be joyful, let them sing aloud on the their beds.”  (Psalm 149:5)  God enjoys our worship and our prayers even in bed!

I love to review the day with God and meditate on His goodness to me as I fall asleep.  Sometimes I might use breath prayers (see previous blogs) if I’m needing to relax and stop my mind from racing.  It can settle my heart down if I’m anxious about something or even excited.  If something has happened during the day to weigh me down, I can give it over to God or confess where I messed up and receive His gracious gift of forgiveness.

When I’ve gone to sleep praying, I’m more likely to wake up praying and that makes a great start to the day!  Or if I awaken in the night, I’m more likely to turn to Him, than to frustration when I can’t sleep.

Because my spirit doesn’t sleep, when I go to bed with a prayerful heart, I know that my spirit remains open to God’s invitation of encounter.  Song of Solomon says “I sleep, but my heart is awake.  It is the voice of my Beloved.  He knocks saying “Open for me, my love.” (Song of Solomon 5:2)

If you don’t already, practice praying as you fall asleep.  God wants to encounter your spirit as you sleep so you can wake up refreshed in Him the next day.

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