Physical Expressions of Prayer, Part 7


If you’re a dancer, you probably understand that movement can be an expression of prayer.  Though it may seem a little strange to those of us less use to it, dancing your prayer is simply a combination and extension of the various postures of prayer, raising hands, standing, bowing down, etc.

With or without music, there is something special about motion as you pray.  Its putting your whole body, soul and spirit into the process.

Worship and prayer are inseparable.  Much of worship is simply prayer put to music.  When you add movement, there is that integration of your entire being in loving God that so delights His heart.  “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength…” Mark 12:30

We sometimes have hearing impaired people at our church and I love to watch those who have learned sign language “signing” to worship and prayer.  It is a beautiful expression that enhances the prayer with movement.  I know of some people who have learned sign language for the enjoyment of it and then use it as part of their dance style.

If this is new to you, it might be awkward at first and you probably want to start in private.  You can use instrumental worship as a backdrop, but you don’t have to.  Think about what is on your heart to express to the Lord.  Is it praise?  Surrender?  Repentance?  Supplication?  Consider what positions would match your words.  Then simply move in slow motion as you pray.

You might feel ungraceful at first, but as you set your focus on Him and not on you, it will begin to flow a little easier.  You might even have fun with the Lord, laughing at your attempts.  Don’t be discouraged.  He enjoys your engagement with Him in the process.  You don’t have to do it for long periods of time, but even just a few seconds of dance movement will add a new dimension and “flavor” to your time with the Lord.  He loves beauty, variety and your unique expression.  He created your body as His temple.  Offer it back to Him as you worship and pray.

Here’s an example:

Begin by standing

Lord Jesus, I exalt and praise You (as you raise your hands high)

I thank you for all that You have given me (spreading arms wide and turning in a circle)

Draw me to Yourself, I want to know You more (bring arms in as if to give a hug)

I yield myself fully to You today (bending low or kneeling)

Start simply, then add more movement as you are able.  How do you feel?  How does adding the physical expression different from simply saying the words?  Experiment and have fun enjoying the Lord.

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