Physical Expressions of Prayer, Part 8


Art as an expression of prayer might be a new concept for many.  I’m no artist, but a few years back, when I had more time, I enjoyed painting the things that God was speaking to my heart.  I’ve found that it can unlock new understanding and expression of my prayers in a unique way.  Sometimes it related to intercession for other people, but often it had to do with things He was doing in me.  The physical expression in art helped to process what God was saying or my cry to Him.

One time, I felt like God was saying He wanted my “yes” to be bigger, wider, higher, etc.  I didn’t know what that looked like (on canvas or in real life), but I bought a bigger canvas than I’d ever tried before.  Using a texture substance, I formed the letters to stand out, forming a smooth raised surface, all the time asking God to show me how to make my “yes” larger.  I let it dry overnight and was eager the next day to resume.  However, when I looked at the canvas the next day, the letters had deep cracks in them.  I resolved to redo it, but then felt the prompting of the Spirit to leave it as it was (much to my disappointment as I wanted it to be “perfect”).

I painted the letters in a beautiful gold, then painted a background representing both good times and hard times.  I sensed from the Lord that the cracks in the letter represented how, though sincere, my “yes” is broken, cracked, weak.  However, when covered by His grace (the gold), it becomes a beautiful thing, reminding me that its not about my efforts to say “yes” to Him, but His partnership in grace that makes all the difference.

Because of expressing this conversation with God in a physical form, it has stayed in my memory and is a visual reminder to me.

Not an artist?  You can still commune with God through art.  A friend of mine gave me a picture of a key.  This piece of art is now part of an on-going dialogue with God about the things He is unlocking in my heart as well as the keys He has given me to unlock His destiny in others.

If you enjoy the creative arts, explore prayer in a new way with God.  Keep a sketch pad or colored pencils with your journal and experiment with different ways to express your prayers.  If that isn’t your thing, look at some beautiful art and ask God what He wants to speak to you through it.  Visit an art gallery or enjoy God’s creative display in nature as a prompt for conversation with Him.

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  • This is so true and so beautifully said. Art is a form of worship and a way to express joy and praise back to God! It is not about perfection but about allowing the Spirit to speak to your heart as you express on paper or canvas, in dance or music the joy of abiding in His presence, of Who He is! I think God made us to worship in this way in one form or another using many different ways of experssion. I sense He delights in our offering of this kind of worship!

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