Policeman Prayers

No, this blog is not about how to pray your way out of a ticket!  Rather how to bless those who serve us in this capacity.

A police officer from our church was recently in a serious motorcycle accident that could have cost his life and yet he was miraculously spared and only spent one day in the hospital.  I believe it was due to prayer.

We often view police from a fearful perspective.  When we see them, we immediately look at the speedometer and hope we are within the limits or check to see if there is something else we are doing wrong.  They can be looked at as just waiting for us to break the law in some way so they can ticket us.  Yet their motto is to serve and protect.  They need our blessing and prayers as they do a difficult job with little thanks.

Next time you see that white and black car with red and blue lights, lift him or her up in prayer.  Bless them and pray for protection in the challenges they will face that day.  If you see them out and about, go up and thank them, maybe even offer to pray for them.

We all have different people or spheres the Lord impresses us to pray for.  If your heart is stirred to pray for police officers, consider “adopting” one or two.  You can go to the police department’s website and there find the names of officers and detectives.  Ask the Lord to highlight who you should pray for.  Make it part of your family’s prayer life!  Only God knows the difference your prayers will make.

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