Jan 6, 2014 - 51-100, Everyday Prayers    1 Comment

Prayer Alarms, Part One



Recently, talking with some friends about when we get up in the morning, one mentioned the latest he’d get up would be 6:23am.  It seemed an odd time to set an alarm!  He went on to explain that his wife’s birthday is June 23 and so he’s set his alarm for 6:23 on his phone as a reminder to pray for her.  He also has alarms set for each of his children according to their birthdays.

What a wonderful way to pray for those closest to us!  A daily reminder to lift them up, even just for a moment.  What “prayer alarms” is God prompting you to add on your phone today?

1 Comment

  • I believe this way will help more and more christians to be reminded to pray because these days life is hactic people cant seem to slow down they are always busy with something. Now this is a helpful hint for us thank you.

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