Prayer Walking

In the beginning there was prayer walking.  At least that is what we can assume from the account in Genesis.  It appears that God often walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day, a time to commune together, to rejoice in creation and to establish dominion over what God had given them.

Prayer walking can be done in many different ways reflecting our God given personality and calling.  For some it might be simply walking through the neighborhood in an attitude of thanksgiving and praise for the wonders of God’s creation and redemption.   Others might be more militant (in a good way) in intercession, ready to “take the land.”  For some, repentance and crying out for God’s mercy might be the focus.

While we can pray for our neighborhoods, schools, city or government anywhere, there is something about actually being “on site” both in the natural and spiritual that helps to keep us in tune with what God is doing.

Prayer walking can be intentional or simply a way of life.  When I’m shopping for groceries, I like to remember Joshua 1:3 “Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you…”  I go as a child of the King, bringing His light and peace wherever I am.  I also enjoy regularly walking with my husband through our neighborhood and although most of the time is spent “catching up” with one another, I feel God’s presence with us as we walk and talk, and believe we impact our community as we greet neighbors.

For others, prayer walking is more intentional.  I have a friend who walks every day around the State Capitol building, repenting and praying.  She also does this regularly around a local school and our church.  Sometimes she does this alone and other times friends accompany her.  You can “adopt a block” by prayer walking in your community where God leads you or around a local school or other locations, bringing God’s presence where you go.

Don’t miss out on three prayer walking events coming soon!

  • Tom Demaree is prayer walking 50 states in 50 days, one of his last stops being the California State Capitol.  Check out for more info.

WHERE: 2:30pm Sunday, November 4th, meet at Capitol Foursquare Church, 2418 O Street, Sacramento

But don’t wait for an event!  Got 5-10 minutes?  Walk your block, get some exercise and enjoy time with God!


Daily PrayerWalk – 50 meditations for prayer walking, by Janet Holm McHenry

Taking Possession of the Land, by Cindy Tosto



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