Prayers for Fatherlessness

Sporty Family

The statistics are staggering!  36.1 million youth come from a fatherless home.  These same homes account for:

63% of teen suicides

71% of school drop outs and teenage pregnancies

90% of homelessness and runaway youth – which often leads to sex trafficking

Fatherlessness lies at the root of most of the challenges, crime, poverty and other issues faced in our nation.  Just dealing with symptoms won’t solve the core problem.  We need to pray!

Here’s some prayers to consider praying:

  1. Humble ourselves and pray – 2 Chronicles 7:14
  2. Pray for men to connect with their Heavenly Father – “Our Father who art in Heaven…” Matt 6:9
  3. Pray for men to receive the “adoption of sons” – Galatians 4:5
  4. Pray for a turning of the hearts of fathers to the children and children to their fathers – Malachi 4:6
  5. Pray for restoration of the family unit – Joshua 24:15
  6. Pray for role models, mentors and father-figures to step up to influence and inspire fatherless youth – 1 Timothy 1:2
  7. Pray for breakthrough in racial, economic, and social barriers – Ephesians 2:14

If you are in the Sacramento region, consider joining us for a night of testimonies, powerful messages and prayer on this topic: Waking up to Fatherlessness.  Click here to register.

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