Prayers for Lent


I wasn’t raised practicing Lent, but have friends who do.  Lent is 40 days of intentional prayer and fasting leading up to Easter.  It is a great time to prepare our hearts to celebrate what God has done for us.

Here are some ideas from the website The Practical Disciple for ways to enter into Lent through prayer, fasting and action:

Prayer Disciplines:

Practice the Examen (see previous blogs)

5-finger prayer (see previous blog)

Praise for 40-days – educating our hearts to focus on Him

Bible Reading Guide:

40-days to read the book of Acts

40-days to read the book of John

40-days to read the book of Luke

Practical Disciplines for Lent:

40 bags in 40 days – I love this!  Each day fill a bag of things you no longer use and either trash it or give it away!  A great discipline to eliminate clutter from our lives – physically and spiritually in preparation for Easter!

Love Notes – write a thank you note to someone each day of Lent – practice the habit of gratefulness!

Fast something you love and take the money you’d spend on that item and give it to charity or missions.

Fast negative speech for 40 days

I hope this list encourages you in ways to practically and spiritually prepare for celebrating Easter!  For a full list of disciplines and a free guide to Lent practices, go to

ALSO, on this site, John is offering for free until  March 5 his book “Tips on Prayer” as well as a 40 day challenge to pick one prayer practice to do for 40 days.  Don’t miss this opportunity to encounter God in deeper ways through prayer!


  • Love the practical disciplines for Lent! They help us be intentional about our behavior

  • Getting rid of a bag of stuff a day also is a reminder that stuff isn’t important…it’s what you can’t see;). 40 bags in 40 days…I love it!

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