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Prayers that Heal the Brain


Thoughts are real and powerful for good or not so good.  They take up space in our brain and affect the choices we make on a daily basis.  These thought patterns actually look like trees in our brain.  Each time we think along those lines, the branches are strengthened and impact how we respond to the world around us.  If we have negative thoughts, they develop toxicity in our brain, affecting our emotions and choices.  The good news is that our brain can be “re-programmed”.  God calls it “Renewing your mind!”  We don’t have to be victims to our thought life!  There is a better way.  As we strengthen positive God thoughts, we can weaken the negative or toxic branches until they no longer affect our daily life.   I highly recommend Dr. Carolyn Leaf’s 21-day Brain Detox program where you can learn specific ways to literally heal your brain from toxic thoughts through prayer.  When we practice “praying without ceasing” and intentional, specific prayers, our thought life (and our brain) is changed!

On July 18 we will be hosting our Tree of Life Workshop where we will be giving an introduction or “appetizer” to our Tree of Life Retreat, August 8-9 at Christ the King retreat center in Citrus Heights.  At these two events, we will be sharing God’s solution to negative thinking, how to go deeper in the abiding relationship with Christ that yields a fruitful life and practical steps to renewing the mind.  Both the workshop and retreat will include teaching, small group, hands-on activities and guided healing prayer. If you live in the area, I encourage you to come!  You can register by clicking here.

None of us are immune from negative or toxic thoughts.  Whether it’s a moment by moment battle or we are further along in our journey of renewing our mind, there will be new insights, experiences and encouragement that will benefit anyone who comes to the workshop or the retreat.  Its not a magic formula, but a process of growth in abiding in Christ and developing a new mindset.  We believe people will leave encouraged, strengthened in their prayer life and with tools for a better thought life.

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