Praying for Adult Children


My oldest moved out in January, the beginning of transition for our family!  When our kids are little, we sometimes think if we can just get them “launched”, then everything is going to be okay.  But the reality is our concerns for our children never end as long as we have breath!  As they transition to adulthood, we have less influence over their daily lives and it can feel out of control.  We might realize mistakes we’ve made and have regrets.  The good news is that Jesus redeems all things.  We can stand in confidence in Him for their lives even when they are out from under our roof.

We can’t “fix” our adult children or ensure they have the “perfect” life.  They will experience the ups and downs and the consequences of their actions.  Sometimes it might feel unbearable to watch.  But we can have confidence that God has a way through.  How did we learn and grow closer to the Lord?  Through the challenges we faced!

Never give up!  Don’t let the enemy lie to you even when moments seem the darkest and your child furthest away from the Lord.  Know that God is always drawing them and that He who began a good work, will complete it!

I highly recommend Stormie Omartian’s book “The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children” to give you specific encouragement in how to turn worry for children into powerful prayers.  With God, nothing is impossible!

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