Praying For Our Leaders


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I ran into this story on Facebook and thought it appropriate to share.  More than any other time, we must prayer for leaders, not criticize or complain! Note the simple prayer Derek Prince was impressed to pray and the answer!  God wants to answer our prayers, too!

During WW II the British army in North Africa was being beaten, badly. The result was a 700 mile retreat from a place in Tripoli to El Alamein, about fifty miles west of Cairo. Here the British forces dug in for one final stand.

In the desert, Derek said: “I had no church or minister to offer me fellowship or counsel. I was obliged to depend upon the Bible and the Holy Spirit. I early came to see that, by New Testament standards, fasting was a normal part of Christian discipline. I set aside every Wednesday for FASTING AND PRAYER.

“During the long and demoralizing retreat God laid on my heart a burden of prayer, both for the British forces in the desert and for the whole situation in the Middle East.

“After a while, it seemed that the Holy Spirit gave me this prayer: ‘Lord, give us leaders such that it will be for Your glory to give us victory through them.’

“I continued praying this prayer EVERY DAY.

“In due course, the British government decided to relieve the commander of their forces in the desert and to replace him with another man. The man whom they chose was a general named W.H.E. Strafer Gott.

“He was flown to Cairo to take over command, but he was killed when his plane was shot down.

“At this critical juncture the British forces in this major theater of the war were left without a commander.

“Winston Churchill, appointed a more-or-less unknown officer, named B. L. Montgomery, who was hastily flown out from Britain.

“Montgomery was the son of an evangelical Anglican bishop. He was a man who very definitely fulfilled God’s two requirements in a leader of men. He was just and God-fearing. He was also a man of tremendous discipline.

“Within two months, he had instilled a totally new sense of discipline into his officers and had thus restored the confidence of the men in their leaders.

“Then the main battle of El Alamein was fought. It was the first major allied victory in the entire war up to that time. The threat was finally thrown back, and the course of the war changed in favor of the Allies.

“Without a doubt, the battle of El Alamein was the turning point of the war in North Africa.

“Two or three days after the battle, I found myself in the desert a few miles behind the advancing Allied forces. A small portable radio beside me was relaying a news description of the scene at Montgomery’s headquarters as he had witnessed it on the eve of the battle.

“He revealed how Montgomery publicly called his officers and men to PRAYER, saying, ‘Let us ask the Lord, mighty in battle, to give us the victory.’ As these words came through that portable radio, God spoke very clearly to my spirit, ‘THAT IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYER.’

“I believe that the prayer which God gave me could well be applied to other situations, both military and political:
‘Lord, give us leaders such that it will be for Your glory to give us victory through them.'”

Would you join me in this prayer today!

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