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Tired of hearing about the latest government scandal?  How about some good news!  A small group of government leaders have been meeting for prayer since 2005.  It has grown and on March 7, 2015, they gathered members of congress and state legislators for the purpose of calling our nation back to prayer.

They agreed that it wasn’t enough to call for a single day of prayer or an event, but to call on leaders and citizens alike to pray “without ceasing” for our country.  Would you participate?  Go to www.prayusa.com, watch the video, read the proclamation and sign your name!

But most importantly!  Pray!

Too often we get discouraged and think, “What’s the use?  How does my prayer do anything?”  Don’t listen to the enemy!  God’s Word is true that as we humble ourselves and pray, He promised to move on our behalf.

Let’s join together in prayer!

Lord Jesus, we humble ourselves before you and cry out for mercy!  We and our leaders have sinned, have strayed away from You.  Have mercy on us and our country!  Heal our land!  Amen!

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  • Thank you, Adena! This is encouraging.

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