Jul 14, 2014 - 101-150, Corporate Prayer    No Comments

Rapid Fire Prayer


Rapid fire prayer is similar to “popcorn” prayer but with more organization.  It is typically used in a House of Prayer setting, but can be used at any corporate gathering.  The leader asks those who would like to pray short, 10-20 second prayers to form a line at the front.  The topic is chosen by the leader and clearly communicated.  Then they lead off, demonstrating short, on-topic prayer.  In a house of prayer setting, usually 4-5 people pray and then a chorus is sung.  This pattern continues until all who desire have prayed.

This is a great way to activate many people to pray.  When they don’t feel pressured to pray a long prayer, they are often more willing to participate.  It keeps the energy and focus in the room going as different people pray.

Used to prayer meetings where just a few people pray long prayers while others just observe?  Increase participation by trying this model!

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